This week, members of the CWU, RMT, ASLEF, and Unite will all be striking. Anti*Capitalist Resistance stands in solidarity with the 167,000+ workers who will be striking on Saturday as part of this autumn's #megastrike.


We’re looking forward to seeing images and hearing stories about your picket visits, as thousands of others have demonstrated important solidarity by visiting picket lines. Send us your photos and comments from Saturday’s picket lines, and we’ll incorporate them into our future coverage.

To view the picket line in your area, please see here.

We at the Anti*Capitalist Resistance wish to hear your views, too. If you have an opinion about either this or another piece we have published, please contact us at editorial@anticapitalistresistance.org to share your comments, criticisms and ideas. We will consider any email marked for publication for “Letters to ACR” or as a future ACR article.

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