Support the Indigenous movement in Ecuador

Message from Resistance Books: Join our fundraising mission to bring Leonidas Iza, Ecuador's leading Indigenous voice, to Europe for a two-way solidarity-building trip and book promotion, where your generous donations will be matched and those above £50 will even receive a copy of his transformative book.


We need to raise at least £4,000 in the next few weeks to help bring Leonidas Iza, Ecuador’s main Indigenous leader, to Europe in July. Leonidas and his two co-authors hope to visit Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and the Spanish state – to promote and discuss their remarkable book, and to build two-way solidarity between movements in the South and the North. But they need your help to pay for the trip. Whatever you give will be matched by the Indigenous movement’s own efforts to raise funds. We’ve already gathered £1,500. So we only need another £2,500. If you donate £50 or more, you’ll get a free copy of the book.

Book launch with the authors in London on Monday 10 July, 7pm (details tbc).

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