Victory for Osime Brown

Anti*Capitalist Resistance celebrates victory from deportation of Osime Brown.


Osime Brown is a 22 year old man with autism, having left Jamaica at four years old to be with his Mum and family in Dudley, England. Convicted in 2018 for an offence that he said he did not do, Osime was sentenced to five years’ in prison. The Home Office then targetted Osime for immediate deportation to Jamaica on his release. Deportation to a country that he left in childhood, which in turn would have cruelly separated Osime from his Mum and family support network. CEO of support group Autistic Inclusive Meets Emma Dalmayne told

‘It’s unconscionable that a young vulnerable autistic man is being sent to a country with no support network. Sending him abroad to a country where he has nobody is effectively sentencing him to death, I believe.’

‘I don’t think any consideration was given to his needs as a disabled individual at all. His comprehension is challenged, because he believes he can just get on a bus or walk to see his mum, he doesn’t realise it’s thousands of miles away.’

Yesterday the government withdrew the order to deport Osime, partly in response to the campaign which I’m sure many of you would have been involved in. Below is a letter of thanks from Osime’s mother Joan.

I am pleased to let you know that the Home Office has made the right decision for Osime to remain with his loving, caring Family.

To all our wonderful supporters, who have been with us throughout this long, and painful ordeal, who believed in justice, fairness, dignity, and a country that is welcoming to everyone, no matter the colour of their skin: We thank you. You have fought hard and tirelessly by our side, and together, we DID IT!!!The Home Office has withdrawn the Deportation Order!!

I could not have done it by myself. Without you, my family would have been lost and my son, Osime, would have been condemned to a very short and miserable life. Because of you, I remained rooted in hope, when sometimes, all things around me were falling apart.

Because of you, Osime will remain at his home. I have restored trust in humanity because of you. You have demonstrated truly what true love is and should look like.

I was fallen in the streets and was at the mercy of thieves and robbers: you all were the Good Samaritan; you rescued me and healed me. Your deeds of kindness are the noblest!

To the Home Office, I will not be rootless as the people, who have inflicted pain and suffering on my family. I will respond with love, because we know no other way. Thank you for allowing my son to stay in his home and in the only country he has ever truly known; we are grateful! This goes to show that you can respond in a dynamic and just way.

I hope this is a reflection and learning curve for people in power, to know that they are dealing with real people, real lives, and when they make wrong choices or decisions people are injured, sometimes to a point of no return.

We have seen 1 light, we will now fight on to clear his name, like that of Richard Kimble, in the ‘Fugitive’: the One Armed Man is still out there!

God Bless and thank you all: I love you!
Joan Martin

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