British military involvement in Gaza exposed

Jewish Voice for Labour posted this video on British military support for the Israeli state

This piece and video was posted on the Jewish Voice for Labour site on Friday 7 Jun 2024, and has been repeatedly blocked on Facebook. We repost it here in solidarity.

Matt Kennard on Double Down News

JVL Introduction

A seven-and-a-half minute video by Matt Kennard on DoubleDown News is really shocking in showing what the British state conceals from us in relation to support  for Israel in Gaza and how a change in government will bring about no change to this situation whatsoever.

He reveals that British military involvement in Gaza has been extensive: over 200 military spy flights over Gaza have been made; over 60 transport vehicles with massive capacity for carrying weapons, tanks, helicopters and troops have  flown to Israel but we have no idea what has been in them; we’ve been training Israeli soldiers in Britain.

The British military base in Arkrotiri, Cyprus is a main logistical hub but the government won’t even tell us if the US is using it to supply weapons to Israel.

The fact that British Special forces may have been involved  is extremely worrying, says Kennard, and we need to know the truth. Government is intent on hiding it.


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