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UCU Congress 2024: Key Issues and Debates Explored

Ukraine debate at UCU Congress 2024

Reclaim UCU: restore democracy in UCU

Ongoing Struggles in Higher Education

Democracy and Organisation at UCU Congress 2024

Academic Freedom and Education Issues at UCU Congress 2024

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International Solidarity at UCU Congress 2024

Higher Education in crisis

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UCU after the elections

Italian workers at GKN in Florence continue 3 year exemplary struggle

TUC LGBT+ Conference 2023

PCS says No

Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living: Activists Rally on International Workers Memorial Day”

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Challenging Capitalism: Perspectives from Anti*Capitalist Resistance

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Toward a rank‑and‑file caucus in UCU

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Colleges and Universities on Strike

Sexual harassment in the TSSA

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“Walkout Wednesday” (a photo essay)

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Britain to see biggest strike for decades on 1 February


Unchain Our Unions! (updated leaflet)

Inside Britain’s First Amazon Strike

Building Solidarity

Support the Hounslow LIFE Strikers!

Free Our Unions open organising meeting: 7pm, 17 January

TUC to hold national ‘protect the right to strike’ day on February 1

Protect the right to strike!

Strike action continues with significant public support

Sharon Graham’s Fighting Union

Strikers Fight for us all

The spirit of resistance: Mick Lynch in conversation with Gary Younge

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Canadian education workers in wildcat strike

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Solidarity with the CWU in Brighton

We must win

Save the Buses campaign


Workers can win – a handbook for all trade union activists

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Solidarity for as long as it takes

Peterloo Commemoration

Wildcat strike in Bury

“When there’s a problem, people come to us”

British Trade Unions Donate Vehicle and Medical Equipment to Ukrainian Counterparts


Honour the Pentonville Five? Then fight to scrap all anti‑union laws!

British Trades Unions in a state of flux

Durham and Ukraine miners: historic links of friendship

The future of work 2 – working long and hard

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Rail strikes: RMT spokesman condemns Keir Starmer

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Friday day four UNISON 2022 conference – the final round

Unison Conference 2022 day three – rule changes 

UNISON conference 2022: day two

UNISON Conference 2022 day one – right triumphant

Support Our Railworkers and Ignore Tory Propaganda

As Tories reassert anti‑strike law threat, unions must resist 

The State Organises the Capitalist Class. The Working Class Will Have to Organise Itself.

Starbucks’ Lies Won’t Break the Union

Report: International conference of European Solidarity with Ukraine

The Gig Economy’s Corporate Crime Problem

Anti‑Work: From “I Quit” to “We Revolt”

The war on workers?

Working Alone

‘Add Personal Story Here’: Starbucks Anti‑Union One‑on‑Ones Fall Flat 

Standing up for education – NEU Conference 2022 report

Day two at the NEU Conference

Day one at the NEU conference

Unions Stand with Ukraine

Set back for the UNISON local government pay campaign

Support for Tracey Scholes grows


Strike action in local government?

News from the rank and file

University Lecturers Vote for Strike Action

Message from CaSWO

Unite union supports PR, Socialists should do the same

Fascists smash into HQ of Italy’s biggest trade union confederation

SAGE workers back on strike

If the workers stand up it means breaking the law and it means taking risks

GKN closes plants and sacks workers in Birmingham and in Florence

Care workers clap back

Climate – Rage, Despair and Hope

New leader at Unite, time for a new strategy?