It’s not going well for the racists…

Brian Standish reports from Walsall where racists are trying to whip up hostility to people seeking asylum.


Source >> ACR Midlands

After the humiliation of their friends in Cannock last week, where just 28 people turned out to support a racist protest and where the fascist splinter Homeland’s launch was a complete flop, “Walsall Says No” surely thought they could do better.

Maybe they did, I am told around thirty of them gathered in the car park of a retail park. But that was a quarter of a mile away and we did not see them- except for the usual crew of five or six who came down to film us from across the road.

By contrast Black Country Stand Up To Racism and friends held a lively, noisy and friendly rally numbering over a hundred, on the road outside the hotel currently housing refugees and directly adjacent to Walsall football ground where a match was in progress.

If the racists plan had been to enlist the support of the football crowd leaving the match at 2.30pm then they miscalculated on two scores.

Firstly the crowd (and passing cars) were far from hostile to us. Some were amenable to discussion.

Secondly, a heave police presence prevented them from marching down to the hotel whilst the match crowd was dispersing.

No one is illegal banner

Besides physically preventing a racist mob from attacking a hotel, we also stood in solidarity with those inside. These men people who have nothing, who have faced great hardship making dangerous and arduous journeys just to get here, could see and hear our message of love and solidarity.

A couple of toots from passing cars, a couple of waves and thumbs up from the young men inside the hotel- that made it worthwhile.

They shall not pass in the Black Country.

Cannock Chase Welcomes Refugees banner.

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