JVP took over the Statue of Liberty to demand a ceasefire

Yesterday, hundreds of Jews and allies escalated their month-long campaign for a Gaza ceasefire by taking over the Statue of Liberty, joining nationwide protests shutting down ports, highways, and train stations in solidarity with Palestinians facing genocidal violence. By Jewish Voice for Peace.


Source >> Jewish Voice for Peace

Yesterday, hundreds of Jews and allies took over the Statue of Liberty with a clear demand: Ceasefire now. 

The action marked a sharp escalation, one month into Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza. Over 10,000 Palestinians have now been killed, among them over 4,000 children.  

JVP members and supporters take over the Statue of Liberty
JVP members and supporters take over the Statue of Liberty

The takeover on Liberty Island was led by JVP-NYC. Hundreds of us — young people and elders, rabbis, descendants of Holocaust survivors, elected officials — sang “Ceasefire now” and carried banners that read “The world is watching”, “Palestinians should be free”, and “Never again for anyone.” 

“We came to the Statue of Liberty today because we are inspired by the words of our Jewish ancestor, Emma Lazarus, that are etched into the monument,” said Jay Saper, an JVP organizer. “Those words compel us to take action to support the Palestinians of Gaza yearning to be free. And we will continue to take action until we bring about a cease-fire and until Palestinians are free.”

— New York Magazine

The world really is watching: our action was on the front page of the New York Times.

In cities across the country, people of conscience are mobilizing  to demand a ceasefire. Our protests are shifting and evolving tactically: shutting down highways, ports, train stations, and Congressional offices.

  • On Thursday, November 2, over 500 faith leaders and organizers from JVP-Philly staged a sit-in inside Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. Over 300 people were arrested, and trains were shut down for hours. Philly commuters received this alert:

We’re building power towards a ceasefire across the country, and our opposition is panicking. So they’re working twice as hard to attack the movement for Palestinian liberation.

As Jews for Palestinian freedom, we won’t waver in our belief that every life is precious. We know that these false accusations of antisemitism are a cynical distraction from Israeli atrocities, and that diluting the meaning of “antisemitism” puts Jews in greater danger. We know that there is no justice in arming an apartheid state — only in solidarity with each other. 

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