Over 6,000 March For Independence In Swansea

Thousands rallied in Abertawe, Wales, advocating for Cymru's independence, highlighting a growing national sentiment reflected in a recent poll where 36% supported this cause, driven by groups like YesCymru and AUOB Cymru. By voice.wales.


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On Saturday 20th May, up to seven thousand people took to the streets of Abertawe to demand that Cymru become an independent county. 

The march, organised by pro-indy groups YesCymru and AUOB Cymru was the first of 2023 and seen as a mark of progress for the movement, which has risen in prominence in the last 10 years. 

It comes as one poll showed a rise in support for independence, with 36% of people in Wales backing the idea. 

42% of Labour votes in the country also supported the idea of an independent Cymru. 

Crowds gathered in the sunshine for an ‘Indy Market’ at the Waterfront prior to all coming together at 1pm on Wind St to create a procession through the heart of Swansea. 

Organisers say there was a strong local element to the march and a supportive Scottish contingent.

Speaking at the rally afterwards, Robin McAlpine, founder of Scotland’s Common Weal said

“Wales and Scotland can’t spend the rest of their days being an afterthought for a Britain in crisis. We’re more than a holiday home destination or a place to keep your nukes. We deserve better than hoping that whatever is good for London isn’t bad for us, because it’s always about what is good for London. That’s why I’m so happy to see our two movements work together to change our own futures.” 

Naomi Hughes, of YesCymru, said that Wales must “seize a collective ambition to make this positive change to the future of our nation and the generations to come. To build a fair and tolerant society for everyone in Wales, North, South, East and West.”

voice.wales photographer Tom Davies spent the day on the march in Abertawe. You can see our live feed of his coverage here

These are some of his photographs of a huge day for the independence movement in Cymru. 

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For images see here – all photos by Tom Davies

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