Stonewall Guidance

Anti*Capitalist Resistance urges everyone to follow the Stonewall guidance on the consultation for the new section 28.


When the government launched its proposed advice on how schools address trans pupils, A*CR was quick to respond to what amounts to an eerie revival of the anti-queer rhetoric and attacks of Section 28. At the time, we made clear what needs to happen:

“As a besieged minority, attacked from all corners, trans people are nonetheless also a part of the broader movements of the exploited for whom solidarity is both its means and end. Without that mass solidarity, the situation is hopeless.”

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The governments vile attacks on trans children in essence denies their very existence and in substance mobilises schools to bully and harass them into detransitioning. This took place in the shadow of the murder of sixteen-year-old trans girl Brianna Ghey, subsequently ruled by court as being motivated by transphobia. Subsequent to the advice being released, another trans girl, this time eighteen years old, was stabbed fourteen time in a hate attack by a group who shouted slurs at her.

A*CR believes that the government is fostering and encouraging this social environment of hate. Trans people face barriers in various institutions, from healthcare to guarantees of their basic safety. This must be stopped. We cannot allow an ever-expanding number of trans victims: of structural disadvantages, of social murder, of outright violence and murder.

In lieu of a concerted campaign elsewhere, Stonewall have put up guidance on how to respond to the government consultation on the new section 28, we urge you to follow these helpful prompts and show solidarity to trans children.

Stonewall Gudiance

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