The crisis is permanent – MENA after the Arab Spring w/ Gilbert Achcar

Alex Doherty interviews Gilbert Achcar for the Politics Theory Other podcast.


Thirteen years have passed since the Arab Spring and the great hopes aroused in 2011 have been overwhelmed by counter-revolution and civil war. And yet, the region is anything but restabilised: Instead of the events of 2011 heralding a brief period of democratic transition akin to earlier developments in East Asia and Eastern Europe they instead, Gilbert Achcar argues, inaugurated a long-term revolutionary process, based in a deep-rooted socioeconomic crisis that is far from played out. In this talk Gilbert assesses the dynamics of MENA region, the factors hindering regional change, and he cautions against overly optimistic readings, while nonetheless arguing that there remain reasons for hope.

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Gilbert Achcar’s newest book is The New Cold War: The United States, Russia and Ukraine, from Kosovo to Ukraine (2023).

A podcast on radical politics, critical theory, and history. Hosted by Alex Doherty.

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