Abolish the prince of Wales. Let’s build a democratic republic

Undod call for a free Welsh republic.


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In 1952 Britain was a largely deferential society that enforced a stifling conformity. When Elizabeth II reached the throne, neither Wales nor the Welsh language had any constitutional status. The bilingual proclamation ceremony in Cardiff castle last weekend was a cynical gesture to maintain consent for a rapidly decomposing political order.

No other 70 years in human history have seen such dramatic change. The stifling conformity of 1950s society has been cast aside. Women’s, LGBT+ and black liberation movements have won important victories. We need to push these movements forward, not cling on to the relics of the past.

Some complain that the prince isn’t from Wales. But royalty itself has no place in today’s Wales. 

National representatives should be accountable to the people, not appointed by birthright. The continued presence of the monarchy symbolically justifies our whole capitalist system that leaves millions struggling to scrape by while a few others live in unimaginable luxury.  Now that living costs are spiraling, the adoration of wealth and power the monarchy symbolises is down-right insulting.

The English monarchy was central to the colonising of peoples across the world for its own profit – inflicting misery and death wherever it went. It stands at the head of an unreformed British state still cosplaying as if it still rules a quarter of the globe. A progressive Wales should have nothing to do with an institution with such a damning legacy.

We want a Wales without hierarchy and where no one group can dominate anyone else. The title of prince of Wales is an affront to a democratic society. It’s time we abolished it. We will oppose the investiture of William – whether in Caernarfon, or in Cardiff as has been hinted.

As one death is institutionally mourned by diktat, we should remember with dignity the passing of Tony Parris, one of the Cardiff Three, wrongfully imprisoned for murder. The death of Tony is just as important as the death of a monarch.

If what’s happening right now has left a bitter taste in your mouth, join us to build a new Wales. A free Welsh republic.

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