David Harvey to Speak on the Geography of Capital at Institut La Boétie Conference Series

The geography department of Institut La Boétie is hosting a conference series featuring David Harvey, a renowned British geographer who founded critical geography, where he will present his findings on the production of space and related topics.


“This conference is the first of a series of two events organised by the geography department of the Institut La Boétie, as part of its chairs, on the occasion of the exceptional visit of David Harvey to France.

David Harvey is a British geographer. He is the founder of critical geography and at the origin of the first spatial reading of Marxist theory. Today, the most cited geographer in the world, he is a reference for several generations of intellectuals around the world.

In this conference dedicated to the geography of capital, David Harvey will present the main elements he has been developing for more than forty years on the production of space by capitalism. This presentation may lead him to come back to different urban processes, to the relations between centre and peripheries, or even to imperialism.”

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