Former Labour Councillor Jo Bird Joins Green Party

Red to green, many are making the transition from the Labour Party to the Green Party. We repost a blog post by Jo Bird who is a now a Green Party Councillor in Bromborough having been expelled from the Labour Party for breaking non existent rules.


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Posted 22 March 2022

I’m becoming a Green Councillor because the Green Party is better for Bromborough and better for me. 

The Greens are doing excellent work for Wirral people all year round and we share a commitment to social and environmental justice. The Greens promote public services, road safety, cleaner air, healthier communities, insulated affordable homes and more.

At the local council elections last May I was elected with a huge 61% of the vote. I stood to promote justice and equality, protect lives and livelihoods, enhance jobs, services and our environment, and oppose cruel cuts. But Labour and Conservative councillors have just voted for cuts to frontline council services. Only the Green councillors voted for my budget proposals to save Wirral libraries and Europa fun pool. 

Bromborough, Port Sunlight and New Ferry first elected me as their Labour councillor in 2018. The Labour Party expelled me retrospectively in November 2021 for breaking rules that did not exist at the time I spoke at a meeting in 2018. 

Many other people have also been suspended and expelled on unfair charges. The Labour Party have even removed their previously selected candidate – Ruth Molyneux – for trying to save Bromborough library. Such treatment is not OK and not good for our well-being. 

Wirral Greens treat people fairly. I now hope to stand for re-election as a Green councillor for Bromborough next year in May 2023.

Cllr Pat Cleary, leader of the now six-strong Green group on Wirral Council says, 

“Passionate, effective, hard-workingpeople like Jo are very welcome in the Green Party. I’m delighted that people in Bromborough, Port Sunlight and New Ferry will continue to be represented by Jo as their Green councillor.”

The political make-up of Wirral Council now includes: Labour (27), Conservative (23), Green (6), Lib Dem (6). This means no party has a majority and all decisions need the backing of at least two parties.

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