GKN fundraising appeal

The occupied GKN factory in Italy has become a global symbol of the ecosocialist movement, as workers fight for sustainable production and community control – join our fundraiser to support this crucial struggle. By Anti*Capitalist Resistance


The front line of the global ecosocialist struggle runs through an occupied factory in Florence, Italy.

The GKN motor car factory was shut down two years ago but occupied by the workers and turned into a cooperative. Now they have developed a modern day Lucas Plan [link] to retool their factory to make solar panels and cargo bikes. 

They have issued an appeal to raise social shares, costing €500 each, to fund the retooling of the factory. In solidarity Anti*Capitalist Resistance is issuing a fundraiser to collect funds to buy social shares in the cooperative. 

We see this as a crucial development. The workers are not relying on being nationalised by the (far right) government of Giorgia Meloni, to save them they are taking matters into their own hands. We know that cooperatives are not perfect but if the GKN workers can complete a green transition to socially useful production then it will be an example to inspire others in similar situations. 

We have seen the danger of ‘green transitions’ done by the bosses at Port Talbot, where they have decided to close the factory for years whilst it is retooled for electrical based steel production. This will devastate the local community as thousands will be out of work in a town that relies on the steel mill working. There is no ‘just transition’ for those workers.

So we are issuing this appeal to supporters, comrades and friends to send some money to help finance the GKN transition. If you use our PayPal donate and put ‘GKN’ in the note section when you pay then we will pool the money together for the fund.

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