Ukraine solidarity model motion

A model motion for your trade union branch on the current crisis in Ukraine.

Stop the war – Solidarity with the People of Ukraine –   Russian Troops Out Now

This branch/CLP condemns the Russian brutal invasion of Ukraine. We call for Russian troops to cease fire and leave all Ukrainian territory immediately.

This meeting expresses its full solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their resistance, in particular with the trade unions, socialists and social movements, whose members are fighting at the front, and conducting civil resistance.

The people of Ukraine have the right to defend themselves and to obtain the weapons necessary to repel the Russian military invasion and to receive urgent medical help.

We support the right of the people for Ukraine to self-determination without foreign military or economic pressure. Ukraine’s creditors should cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt.

We believe that sanctions should hit the Russian oligarchs and war machine, not the people. The Westminster government must close tax evasion and wealth hoarding by Russian oligarchs, and redistribute their assets to the victims of the war. We support trade unionists in Britain boycotting and taking industrial action against Russian companies.

Russia’s war on Ukraine has strengthened reactionary politics and militarism. We oppose NATO which has expanded eastwards in Europe since 1989, including positioning nuclear weapons. But Putin has used the pretext that Ukraine wanted to join NATO to justify yet another war for regime change.

We demand the Westminster government open the UK borders to all refugees from Ukraine, lift all visa restrictions, and help create humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians.

We call for a transition from reliance on Russian oil and gas exports by the means of a transition to green energy.

This meeting resolves to affiliate to the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, to make a donation of £XXX.

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