Poem of the month: IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH

By Bob Williams-Findlay

The wolves are already at the door 
As the sheep ogle a Deaf woman on the dance floor 
Now we embrace Orwell’s 1984
Tighter than we have ever done before 
Everyone is ignoring the devil in the detail 
As the mass media lead fools down a false trail
Of course that oversized tool is beyond the pail
With truth locked firmly behind bars with no hope of bail
Omicron is the latest modern day Trojan horse
Giving cover to an undercover coup of course 
Authoritarian liars constructing a new discourse 
Which speaks of freedom whilst plotting force 
In double speak nothing appears black or white 
Everything is just fifty shades of utter shite
The road ahead is bumpy, so hang on tight 
And buy the Labour Party’s version of Silent Night

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Bob Williams-Findlay has been a leading disability activist in Britain for thirty years appearing on TV and being a keynote speaker at numerous conferences. He has written numerous articles on Disability Politics and Social Oppression.

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