The fight for Trans* Liberation – ACR statement

A statement adopted at Anti*Capitalist Resistance Conference 2024 in support of trans liberation


This statement was adopted unanimously at the ACR 2024 confernce held on 1-2 June

Transphobia is endemic in Britain. Gender is mercilessly policed to ensure compliance with the needs of capitalism and to enforce traditional so-called values. 

The Conservative Party and the reactionary press lead the charge, in alliance with religious reactionaries and some ‘feminist’ groups who see trans* people as a threat to their views on gender. They whip up hatred and fear of trans* people, something that has already led to pain and murder. Trans* hate crimes reached record levels in 2023. Sixteen-year-old Brianna Ghey was murdered that year. An 18-year-old trans woman was stabbed repeatedly in February 2024 at a birthday party by four other teenagers.

The hate and violence have to stop, and we need an organised mass movement to show that there is enormous solidarity with the trans* community.

Sadly, Labour is retreating on its commitments around trans* rights and has accepted the findings of the recent transphobic Cass Review despite the report’s credentials being rubbished internationally. Fears in the community grow that a Labour government led by Keir Starmer will be no friend to the trans* community and will only continue or even deepen some of the attacks. Recent news that Anneliese Dodd met with LGB Alliance, an aggressive transphobic hate group, is deeply concerning. 

A*CR is committed to trans* liberation. This is crucial to any project for a socialist revolution seeking to free all of humanity so that each man, woman and nonbinary person can flourish and develop on their terms in an ecosocialist future of human abundance that nourishes individuality rather than seeks to crush and deny it.

We support people living as they wish and having the medical, social, and psychological care they need to lead happy and fulfilling lives. 

We not only welcome trans* voices into the movement that can dream and realise the future but demand their voices be front and centre in the fight for their liberation.

We will be loud advocates of trans* liberation within trade unions, community groups, the Labour Party, and any other forums where we are present. 

Those who seek to silence and harm our trans* siblings – including those misguided people also within the left who advocate transphobic views – must be challenged clearly and openly.

We fight for

  • The complete repudiation of the Cass Review
  • Full healthcare access for trans* youth and adults on a co-productive basis
  • The end of all nonconsensual and unnecessary medical interventions on intersex people and their full participation, whether trans* or cis, in the co-production of their healthcare 
  • Trans inclusive ban on conversion therapy that acknowledges that transition care is not conversion therapy, and that conversion therapy includes all excessive waits for this healthcare and any form of medical gatekeeping, i.e. making care dependent on diagnoses of gender dysphoria
  • CAMHS to receive emergency funding to bring it up to standards befitting its role, and to be reformed also on a co-productive basis
  • Nonbinary inclusive, universal, non-medical self-ID.

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