Ukraine and the Oligarchs – Denis Pilash pt 1 and 2

Denis Pilash interviewed in two parts on Analysis News. Denis is a political scientist, historian, and translator. He’s an activist of the Ukrainian Democratic Socialist Organization of the Social Movement and a member of The Commons, a journal of social criticism. He’s on the editorial board. He’s co-author of the book The Left Europe.

The Oligarchs of Russia and Ukraine are destroying the country and the wealth they stole from the people should be expropriated. First, Russia must withdraw its troops, and Ukrainians will fight until they do. Imperialism in all its forms must be fought, says Denis Pilash.

A transcript for part one can be located here.

Putin’s War Crimes Follow in the Steps of American War Crimes – Denis Pilash pt 2/2

The invasion of Ukraine is a reflection of the crisis of global capitalism. That said, Putin may have believed he would face the same impunity that was the case with the Western imperialist powers after invading Iraq, says Ukrainian activist Denis Pilash.

A transcript for part 2 can be located here.

Source > Analysis News

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