Call for international action on 1 February 

Anti*Capitalist Resistance call for international solidarity on 1 February as the trade union movement resists tory anti trade union legislation.


The working class of Britain have suffered over a decade of austerity and low wages. Pay for many workers has reduced by over 20% in real terms since 2010. Now inflation is at 14% with energy bills at sky high prices. Many have to choose between heating and eating. 

Workers have fought back with a massive strike wave not seen for many years. In response, the Conservative government is bringing in new laws against the trade unions. We already have some of the most restrictive anti union laws in Western Europe, and now they want to impose minimum service levels to force strikers back to work. 

This attack on our movement is being met with protests and action by workers up and down the country. The 1st of February will see a coordinated strike by train drivers, college lecturers, teachers, and civil servants. Others are also considering joining. 

We are issuing a call for solidarity actions outside British embassies on 1 February! Join us in fighting for the right to strike, showing that the cause of workers is international and that we are fighting for our freedoms not just in Britain but internationally. 

Workers of the world, unite! 

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