COP26 a day of demonstrations

A live blog from Anti*Capitalist Resistance as members take part in demonstrations up and down the country to highlight the climate emergency.


To kick off the day of action we have an image taken by Jon Duveen of a projection onto the main doorway at Great St Mary’s Church in the centre of Cambridge last night.

Cambridge Friday 5 November 2021

Terry Conway has sent some great pictures (see below) from the demonstration in Glasgow yesterday.

Glasgow Friday 5 November 2021
Glasgow Friday 5 November 2021
Tweet from the GMB Friday 5 November 2021

These photographs from Mike Tucker show those assembling in Birmingham for the demonstration there.

More pictures from Birmingham.

Andy Richards is in Brighton today and has sent these pictures in.

A new form of travel? Brighton 6 November 2021

Protest outside JP Morgan about fossil fuels led by a number of organisations including Another Europe is Possible.

London 6 November 2021

Images from the London protest including a sighting of the new banner

London 6 November 2021

The march is well on the way in Birmingham.

Jon Duveen in Cambridge reports over a thousand people on the demonstration there.

More images from Brighton.

Brighton 6 November 2021
Brighton 6 November 6 2021

A selection of tweets from the day of action.

Even on a peaceful climate emergency demonstration, the heavy-handed action of the police is noticeable

The live blog has ended.

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