Enough Already

Anti*Capitalist Resistance members have had enough and are ready to fight back against tory cuts!


Day of Action – Enough is Enough (nationwide 1 October 2022)

Crowds are building in Manchester

Ian Parker in Manchester:

Over a 1000 people now protesting.

ian Parker

kings cross, London

Kings Cross, London
Kings Cross London

Simon Hannah in London:

Police have blocked Parliament square to prevent Just Stop Oil from occupying there.


Andy Richards in Brighton:

About 700 are marching in Brighton. RMT CWU other unions, Acorn, XR, EIE.

andy richards

Simon Hannah in London:

London EIE rally around 2,000 people.

simon hannah

rmt members marching in brighten

more from brighton

Andy Richards from earlier today:

Big RMT/CWU rally at Brighton Station.

andy richards
This is Damian McCarthy of Unite. (Featured in Labour Files).

Crowds are now building around the country.

Simon Hannah at Kings Cross, London:

Over 4,000 people now

simon hannah

Ian Parker in Manchester:

Over 1,000 people marching now

ian parker

Yesterday from a CWU picket line

Royal Mail employees represented by the Communication Workers Union went on strike yesterday. Jeremy Corbyn, the constituency’s representative in Parliament, is pictured below with members of the Islington North CLP,

Islington North CLP

More from London


Simon Hannah:

Lots of XR flags among the trade union flags.

simon hannah

Flying the banner in Manchester


Worst phrase in a speech so far “the trickle down of tears”

ian parker

It was repeated and the ended up as “stop the trickle down of tears and fears”

ian parker

Not to be confused with the 1980s pop band “Tears for Fears”

Raph_PH at https://flickr.com/photos/69880995@N04/37982003406

Mustafa Turus in London:

10,000 in Kings Cross… according to the police.

Mustafa turus

Images now coming in from Huddersfield


Estimated numbers so far:

Manchester 3,000-2,000

London 10,000-6,000

Huddersfield 250

Norwich 1,000

Brighton 700

Lichfield 200


RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch speaking

I just saw Just Stop Oil marching to the demo

simon hannah
More from London

XR have blocked the bridges in central London

Simon hannah
Huddersfield with Harold Wilson (statue).


1000 in Norwich Photo: Nigel Shaw
XR trade unionists


Marching from Angel Islington via Mount Pleasant and then onto Kings Cross

People moving into action today in Manchester, separately organised events by Don’t Pay, Enough is Enough, Palestine Solidarity, Ukrainians and Iranian monarchists.

Ian parker

Rally by Waterloo RMT and Lambeth Solidarity (photo gallery above) this morning. Simon Hannah from ACR spoke on behalf of Lambeth UNISON and called for organised defiance of the new anti-union laws being proposed by this Tory government which will take away the right to strike.


The Lichfield Enough is Enough protest this morning drew an estimated 200 people- which is an excellent turnout for this area where the organised left is historically weak. I arrived shortly after 10am for a ‘static and silent’ protest, after which the organisers said a few words. Besides cost of living issues, and support for striking workers, the issue which comes up time and again here is the appalling, hopeless Tory MP Michael Fabricant. Yes, he is a bit of a joke but we can’t afford jokes at this time and he has to go.

Rob marsden
Mick Lynch spoke yesterday

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