Dave Kellaway is on the Editorial Board of Anti*Capitalist Resistance, a member of Socialist Resistance, and Hackney and Stoke Newington Labour Party, a contributor to International Viewpoint and Europe Solidaire Sans Frontieres.

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Losing your home, losing yourself

Labour’s law and order crusade

Post Office and Fujitsu bosses attack on subpostmasters/mistresses

Questioning the Whiteness of Western Art

‘Find Out What They’re Afraid Of And Sell It Back To Them’*

Cost of living crisis – their lies, our reality

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Refugees dying in the channel for Brexit and the red wall?

Song of the week: Contessa – a revolutionary song from the1960s

Chile – Fascist wins first round Presidential elections

Yorkshire Cricket – God’s own white county

Unite union supports PR, Socialists should do the same

You are the illness, We are the Cure

Budget–myths, media lies and Johnson’s project

Human rights ‘sportswashed’ as Saudis take over Newcastle United

Windrush artwork in Hackney is a worthy legacy

Italy – Setback for the right confirmed

Fascists smash into HQ of Italy’s biggest trade union confederation

Bond – is it still the same story?

Mimmo Lucano sentenced to 13 years – A class vendetta

Starmer’s speech – Slogans that won’t change lives

Tell Sid Privatisation has been a failure

GKN closes plants and sacks workers in Birmingham and in Florence

Anthony Hopkins and Oliva Coleman excel in The Father, (2020) a film about dementia

Raducanu’s rise

Sport and capitalism today

Labour expels Ken Loach – a left response

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