Disabled people fight emergency

After the Trans “Debate”

The Right After Sunak – and the Left‑wing Alternative

A Queer Walking Tour of Brixton with Ian Townson

Transphobia, A Red‑Brown Fairytale!

The RCP – a new chapter in the British millenarian tradition

Pitch us: “Mental Healthcare in a Failing State”

Cumbrian Coalmine: Almost there – but not yet!

Euros: Football, Politics, and Society

AntiCapitalist Radio Episode 16: UK and France Elections Special

A surprise victory and a reprieve from the RN

“We have not been able to provide any credible alternatives to NATO”

Sacre (bleu) rouge! – Popular Front pushes back Le Pen

The far right has been pushed back by popular mobilisation – now we must implement the programme of the New Popular Front

After the Landslide: Resistance and Realignment

That Was the Election That Was

When the accusation of antisemitism becomes a weapon in the hands of neofascism

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 6: China’s Livestock Revolution

Workers Party of Britain

French Elections: Far Right Consolidates Advance

Strengthen the united and militant left, prevent the far right from coming to power

Europe is turning black and brown

The Collapse of Zionism

Whatever Happened to the Green Party? (or the Greens’ Seven Year Itch!)

YesCymru Returns to The Streets

‘Out of the mouths of babies…’

Why equality laws must be defended

Is the drumbeat of war on the Israel/Lebanon front a prelude to all‑out war?

Stopping Le Pen with the United Front

Blood on the Melons

Trans young people are dying and the NHS is covering it up

Julian Assange – Free at Last!

Election choices in Birmingham Selly Oak

A Joyous Protest – the Restore Nature demo

Congo and Colonialism: An Anti‑Capitalist Perspective

Freud’s Last Session

On the elections in India

Ecosocialist Revolution: A Manifesto (audio version)

Ecosocialist Revolution: A Manifesto

Manchester Withington in the General Election

Fascism has gone beyond creeping… we are in deep trouble

What’s behind the ongoing conflict between Biden and Netanyahu?

South Africa: Down with the Government of National Unity; Unite and Defend Workers and the Poor

UCU Congress 2024: Solidarity with Palestine and the Fight for Justice

Labour’s transphobia failure

Ukraine: For a People’s Peace, not Imperial Peace

General Election: raise the call – ‘Restore the People’s NHS’

Germany – The Collapse of the German Left

GKN Workers Initiate Hunger Strike for Worker‑Led Transition in Europe’s Pivotal Struggle

Five Takeaways from the Recent Elections in Ireland

Hunger Data Compared with G7 Military Spending

Labour’s Manifesto – Bowing Down to the False Gods of Social Liberalism

After the European elections: reassembling an ecosocialist project

‘Freedom to Buy’ “helps only a small minority and ignores the core problem”

Farage’s Populism

Who sows far right policies … reaps the far right

Systemic Poverty is a Huge Hindrance to China’s Economy

How Biden Mutated into a Dove

The Drums of War are Banging in Europe

UCU Congress 2024: Key Issues and Debates Explored

Statement by the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (New Anticapitalist Party) on the European Election Results in France

European elections – far right surge but centre holds on

Ukraine debate at UCU Congress 2024

Reclaim UCU: restore democracy in UCU

Now You See Us – Women Artists in Britain 1520‑1920

On the red green campaign trail

Burn Out: The Emotional Experience of Political Defeat

Keralam: Holding out against Modi

Truce in Gaza and the Dilemmas faced by Netanyahu and Hamas

Are teachers the (new) proletarians?

Global elections: hard right reaches for power

The fight for Trans* Liberation – ACR statement

South Africa: hanging on

The March of Intolerance

The mullahs weakened, the people’s struggle continues

Diane Abbott Fights Back

Ongoing Struggles in Higher Education

Where’s Covid gone?

Further Education Pay and Conditions

Democracy and Organisation at UCU Congress 2024

Academic Freedom and Education Issues at UCU Congress 2024

Clash at Phoenix Cinema: Protests Erupt Over Israeli‑Sponsored Film Festival

Equality an ongoing agenda for UCU

International Solidarity at UCU Congress 2024

Towards a return to dictatorship in Tunisia?

Sunak throws the dice

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues. Part 5: The Pandemic Machines

General Election 2024: End the Tyranny of Conservative Rule

Creeping Doppelgängers

Nakba Protests

What’s behind the accusation of antisemitism hurled at Karim Khan

Judith Butler on gender, reaction and resistance    

The Struggle for Sudan

Yoko Ono – Music of the Mind

76 years after the Nakba, let’s build an international movement for Palestine!

President Starmer steps forward to what?

Kanaky – put a stop (really) to the time of colonies!

Rafah and El Fasher: Genocidal War and Duty of Solidarity

Non Binaries and Anti‑Zionists. Eurovision Song Contest 2024

The Palestinian Catastrope

‘Restore Nature Now – or Else!

Heart Attacks, Ruminations & the Mental Health Crisis

Traumas & Futures

Psychology and cis‑realism

‘The scenes of the Nakba are repeating’: Rafah in panic as Israeli invasion begins

Political repression backfires, and pro‑Palestinian campus protests grow across the U.S.

No Borders, no nations, no deportations

From civil war to active support for Gaza in Yemen

UK University Campuses Erupt in Pro‑Palestine Protests

Gaza: 7 October in Historical Perspective

Six takeaways from the local and mayoral elections

Strange Playgrounds: The Cass Report and The UK Trans Panic (With Rowan Fortune)

‘Liberating’ not ‘oppressive’ over Gaza

Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom: A Socialist Case for Solidarity and Self‑Determination

Higher Education in crisis

“Antisemitism” Accusations Used to Suppress Palestinian Cause and People

Tory routed in Blackpool South: What next for Left?

Students Confront University’s Complicity in Israeli Apartheid

Trans Strike Back!

The orchestrated persecution of Nadera Shalhoub‑Kevorkian

No Path to Peace in Ukraine Through This Fantasy World

1 May in Manchester: Action for Gaza!

Palestine’s fate in light of the onslaught on Gaza

Solidarity with Iranian workers, women and youth

Why we should vote Sadiq Khan for London Mayor

Students in the United States Demand an End of Support for the War Against Gaza

Restore Nature Now!

LA Intifada: Dispatches from USC’s Student Rebellion

Labour & Employment Law: a warning from recent history

Pro‑Palestine Student Protests Spread Despite Repression

There’s still tomorrow—a feminist film exposing male violence

The American Society of Magical Negroes

Hackney rally stands with Diane Abbott

Episode 14: The fight for trans liberation

Nadera Shalhoub‑Kevorkian and the ‘liquidation of all untruths’

Long Covid: The Silent Pandemic Crippling Britain’s Economy and Lives

Welfare Reform Redux

Be Realistic – Demand the Impossible!

Remembering the Carnation Revolution

The postponed Israeli attack on Iran

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 4

Anti‑Fascists demand freedom for Zaragoza six

GKN Workers and Fridays for the Future Lobby Tuscan regional council

Meloni’s government censors anti fascism

Conversion Therapy: Bigots on the attack

Sunak’s Assault on the Sick: Blaming the Victims of Capitalism’s Failures

Politics in Crisis: Prospects for the Hard Right and the Militant Left

The coming Israeli attack on Iran

The author and his book

Cass means social Murder

“Tehran found itself backed into a corner by the attack on its consulate.”

Social workers step up strike in Labour Barnet

“Civil War”: Alex Garland’s Unsettling Exploration of a Fractured America

GKN sit‑in Festival: ‘the exploiters need us, but we don’t need them’

No Wes Streeting, private practice damages the NHS

The “State of Palestine” between liquidating the cause and continuing the struggle

Palestine, Ukraine and the crisis of empires

Io Capitano is not fiction

Stonewall and the early days

More 3 Body Problems

Io capitano: a migrant’s journey

Rose Dugdale: from heiress to the IRA

Political Earthquake: A Double Victory for the Peoples of Turkey

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 3

France was the “main accelerator of the genocidal process” in Rwanda

This Town: a Midlands poetic epic

Ecuador’s Indigenous movement calls for an international movement against extractive industries

Freedom for the Zaragoza 6!

Intimate Comrades: Speaking and acting personally and politically

In the face of war, solidarity is being organised in Sudan

Ukrainian letter of solidarity with the Palestinian people

Anticapitalist Resistance Maps Out a Radical Ecosocialist Strategy at the 2024 Conference

Trans* Visibility

The state of capitalism


Full autonomy for trans youth

Towers of Ivory and Steel

Call to Action: Join the National Demonstration in London on March 30—Ceasefire Now, Stop the Genocide in Gaza!

Milei government at a crossroads

The US Administration’s Hypocrisy and Israel’s Insolence

A shift to the right but an uncertain future after elections in Portugal

Terrorist Attack in Moscow: When the government’s response is more frightening than the terrorist attack itself

Karl Marx and Ecology: An Interview with Michael Löwy

Empowering Birmingham: The Case for Participatory Democracy

The Left and the Coming General Election

Everything is Fine

Cymru Shifts Right

The Whitening of European Jews and the Misuse of Holocaust Memory

Disability Praxis: A Marxist Analysis of Oppression and Liberation

The Tyranny of State Productivism

Zero fares: a way to act on climate and social justice

Campaigning for Better Buses

Copa 71 – Women’s football’s hidden history

“This revolution we are leading is a women’s revolution”

The Ideology of Anti Extremism

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 2

Left activism in Turkey

French AntiCapitalists denounce the racist offensive and support Aya Nakamura

Hackney stands with Diane

Family friendly France?

Gove plays the extremism card

US economy: saved by immigrants

Politics at the Oscars

Portugal election – far right surges

UCU after the elections

GKN fundraising appeal

Singing in Parliament against Rosebank

International Women’s Day 2024

Cis Solidarity with Trans Struggle, Jack in Conversation with Rowan Fortune & Twilight O’Hara

The crisis is permanent – MENA after the Arab Spring w/ Gilbert Achcar

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, 1

The Budget Show

Women standing up for mining communities, forty years on

Perfect days.. (no) shit happens?

Tom Hurndall: Manchester student, memorial events

Lenin’s Political Work

Support Russian Political Prisoners – Free Boris Kagarlitsky!

‘Free public transport opens the city to all’

Charges of antisemitism weaponised

Galloway wins again, this time in Rochdale

Episode 13 – Grifter Capital

Remarks on a tendentious review of my booklet, Israel’s War on Gaza

Palestine frames British politics today

Rochdale: Reopen nominations

AI powered decision is not final in the socialist society

How Manchester was gifted to corporate landlords

Portuguese Elections –Left Bloc leader in debate

What is ecosocialism? (new leaflet)

This Ibsen Adaptation Forces Us to Confront Our Failing System

‘Optimism of the Will’: Ecosocialist Dreamin’

“Stop the War” Means “Death to the Dictatorship”

Arguments for a “left agenda” faced with the war in Ukraine

Is there a fascist danger in Italy?

Breathtaking and the struggle for Covid safety

Ukraine: “Tensions are building… due to the neoliberal policies imposed by the government”

Russia turns Ukraine’s occupied areas into an armed camp

Stonewall Guidance

Empireworld: How British Imperialism Has Shaped the Globe

All you need to know about ceasefire parliamentary amendments

The UK economy is in Recession: Quelle surprise!

From Ukraine to Palestine – Occupation is a Crime

Alexei Navalny Killed in Prison

Artificial Intelligence: The Eye of the Master

No extradiction for Assange

Labour’s wins by‑elections, but rubbish in Rochdale

It is dark before the dawn, but Israeli settler colonialism is at an end

Vaccine Apartheid – Eugenics Revisited

Frantz Fanon: Martinican, French, Algerian, African Revolutionary

Starmer’s miserable betrayal—a gift to the crisis‑ridden Tories and a disaster for the planet

BDS movement more important than ever

Alexei Navalny: Putin’s latest victim

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Dream Scenario: Getting Cagey about fantasies of alienation and escape

Manchester against Police Pursuit

Two, three, many Lenins

Why Putin invaded: a socialist analysis

Pakistan General Elections: A Vote Against IMF Policies and State Repression

Socialism and revolutionary democracy: Lenin’s legacy for our time of catastrophe

The Limits of Left Moralism

“Tensions are building in Ukrainian society as a result of neoliberal policies imposed by the government”

Poverty Porn vs. Black Authenticity: The Satirical Tightrope Dance of American Fiction

Pakistan’s misery continues

Capitalism and drug trafficking in Ecuador:  Two sides of the same coin 

Israel’s Genocidal War After Four Months

The Zone of Interest – chillingly brilliant

Global Anti‑Trans Movement

Everybody Gets to be a Fascist: Or, What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Fascism

‘Capitalism is anti‑us’: ex‑GKN workers champion ecological transition

Philip Guston (1913‑1980) bearing witness to brutality and injustice

Dubious Claims Shouldn’t Impede Humanitarian Relief

The Epistemicide of the Palestinians: Israel Destroys Pillars of Knowledge

Radical change is needed to combat capitalist agriculture!

Divas – What are they good for?

Smoke and Mirrors – The Unionist Miracle – What’s really happening in the North of Ireland?

The Zapatista eruption of 1 January 1994: new internationalism and political redefinitions

What internationalism do we need today?

A Queasy Feeling from Lanthomos’ Latest

Mass mobilisation against the far right AfD party in Germany

Theory as Stone

Ecuador’s reactionary war

Support the new Hetherington Occupation!

Statement on the Inauguration of the Ayodhya Ram Temple

Inheriting Occupation: Israelism’s Revelation

Independence Is Possible Says Commission

Argentinian workers strike against Milei

COP28: Trashing the UN is easy, but where is the alternative?

The galaxy of fascist organizations in Italy

Historic public sector strike in NI as a UK local government crisis looms

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister:”Israel pursues objectives similar to those of Russia”!

Support of the General Strike on January 24 in Argentina

Time to get real!

The first US‑Israeli joint war

Impact of Israeli Genocidal War in Gaza on the Middle East

Queering in the End Times

Palestinians struggle to rebuild their lives after West Bank settler pogroms

In Gaza, the West is enabling the most transparent genocide in human history

The Price of Labour’s Transphobia

Gaza war offers the ultimate marketing tool for Israeli arms companies

Reclaiming the Language of Class

Trans Art at the Vagina Museum

Romany Gypsy woman takes government to court over ‘discriminatory’ policing

Solidarity with jailed Palestine Action activist

France: the neo‑fascist danger is real

Israel not only prevents entry of aid into Gaza, but also kills those who try to receive it

The bubble, the state, and the crooked‑mouthed monk: the Chinese property crisis and its culprits

100 Days of the Israeli Attack on Gaza

Gaza: A Film that Humanises a People

Gaza: A Ghastly Window into the Crisis of Capitalism

Italian workers at GKN in Florence continue 3 year exemplary struggle

COP28 Dubai: The Other Side of the Story

Nicholas Winton: People smugglers?

The Palestine Laboratory – How Israel exports the technology of occupation around the world

Beware Lifestyle Fascism

The Revolution against the Odds: an Interview on Rojava with Anya Rebrii and Liza Shishko (Part II: Survival against the Odds)

The Revolution against the Odds: an Interview on Rojava with Anya Rebrii and Liza Shishko (Part I: The Messiness of the Revolutionary Process)

South Africa accuses Israel of ‘genocidal acts’

NHS Junior Doctors fight on after longest strike

War of narratives

An upper‑class warrior for the rich and powerful

Post Office: How Corporate Business Stole People’s Lives

Inside Israel’s torture camp for Gaza detainees

Chiapas: thirty years of insurrection!

Urgent appeal for solidarity

Doublespeak on Gaza

Sea of Troubles Connects the Bloody Dots from Mediterranean to Gaza

The Zionist destruction machine threatens Lebanon after Gaza

Ukraine: Russian troops out—Stop the genocide

Women in Revolt – art and activism in the UK 1970 to 1990

Proposal: a campaign for free public transport in London

Ending the Privileged Pursuit

Wes Streeting: how false comparisons and magical thinking undermine the NHS

Could the U.S. Become Involved in a War Between Venezuela and Guyana?

“A Heavy Blow”

Poems for Gaza

Top 2023 Books: FIAT: All money is ours

My top five reads of 2023

A*CR Statement on the New Section 28

Do you condemn Žižek?

Italian car workers fight for alternative green production plan

Top 2023 TV: I’m a Virgo

The Ecological Crisis and its Consequences for Socialists

Interview with Ukrainian and Russian socialists

Red Clinic: Psychoanalysis in Solidarity with Gaza

Vigil 2 – taking on the cover up

Whither Israel’s War on Gaza?

Economic stagnation, Incompetent Economic Policies and Neoliberalism

Stranger in My Own Land

Marina Abramovic – Diva of performance art

A Red Down the Chimney Revolutionary Christmas History

Dialectics of Christmas

Left Perspectives: Navigating Capitalism, Conflict and Authoritarianism in 2023

Psychiatry Won’t Solve Our Mental Health Crisis — Only Politics Can Do That

Capital is scarcity

Introduction to Antonio Negri’s Marx beyond Marx

What solution in Palestine?

Theorising Transphobia: Trans*Mission’s Reply to rs21

Ruth Perry affair: abolish OFSTED!

Divide and rule

A World in Common – Contemporary African Photography

After TUC special congress: defiance needs action, not just words

Scientists and lies – The Covid Inquiry and Jenny Harries

“Opposing US militarisation in the Asia‑Pacific should not mean remaining silent on China’s emerging imperialism“

Building international solidarity with the Palestinians

Disability and Inclusion: Some theory and praxis

Ofsted and the death of Ruth Perry

No way a ‘fair COP’!!

Prophet Song: The Grim Booker

Al‑Aqsa Flood and Miscalculation

Singing against Ecocide in the City

New Visa Rules and Care Work

‘A mass assassination factory’: Inside Israel’s calculated bombing of Gaza

Defining Ecosocialism

Open Letter to Hackney Councillors

COP – the only show in town or a dangerous diversion?

‘Legal’ Immigration? How Labour Shadows the Tory Party

COP 28‑ what is at stake?

The Zionist Genocidal War and Its Accomplices

Far‑right electoral victory in the Netherlands

The Empire of Normality

Alexandria – the ideas store of the ancient world

AI: open or closed?

The Mandel – Johnstone Debate

‘If you don’t leave, we’ll kill you’: Hundreds flee Israeli settler violence in Hebron area

Brief: Temporary Ceasefire, Permanent Suffering

Campaigning to end Violence against Women

Antisemitism and stalinist realism

Catastrophe in Palestine and Israel: Apartheid on the Road to Genocide

The ‘other’ Palestine protesters quietly shutting down arms factories

Gaza Ceasefire Now!

Condemnation, which also speaks for Gaza

The Plot

Unprecedented humanitarian crisis amidst imperialist intervention and counter‑revolutionary revenge in Yemen

Remembrance Day: a travesty of the truth

West Bank: faced with attacks by the Israeli army and settlers, fear, despair and anger among Palestinians

How Hamas Became the Violent Face of Palestinian Resistance

Bristol: school students strike for Palestine

Tory Government continues its attack on civil rights

JVP took over the Statue of Liberty to demand a ceasefire

Marrakesh: contributing to a political dynamic against imperialist institutions

Barcelona dockers will not operate ships carrying arms

AC Radio Episode 12 – the fight for Palestinian liberation

AC Radio Episode 11 – The London Revolution, 1640‑43 with Michael Sturza

From River to Sea: Palestinian Struggle Inspires Cross‑Community Solidarity

Auto Workers Strike Wins Victory that Could Transform the U.S. Labor Movement

The press must determine if those in power continue to believe COVID “is just nature’s way of dealing with old people”

The noose tightens in Sudan

What to boycott NOW to help stop Israel’s unfolding genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

Oil, Greed, and Murder: Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon

Netanyahu will have to pay the price for hubris

Can Global Capitalism Endure? A review of William Robinson’s latest book.

Starmer’s Middle East speech: A meek bourgeois perspective masks Imperialist violence

Palestine and Israel: Historical, Legal and Moral Issues

The Internet Con: How To Seize The Means Of Computation

Climate Crisis Disruption: Too Much, Too Little

The Plan to Complete the Nakba Revealed

Total War and Totalled Profits

Expel all Palestinians from Gaza, recommends Israeli gov’t ministry

Real Names of Stolen Villages, Illegal Settlements of the Gaza Perimeter

From Ukraine to Palestine: the right of peoples to self‑determination

The Day After Hamas — with Gilbert Achcar

The war against Gaza’s civilians must be stopped … revenge is not justice!

Hezbollah is increasingly isolated in the Middle East

Gaza, the West, and the Rest

Palestine and Ukraine: how the 21st century empires wage war

ACR Statement on Palestine

Degrowth ¬ facing up to harsh reality

From The River To The Sea: The True History Of A Famous Slogan For Palestine

Trans Ordinary

Red Clinic stands with Palestine

Writing on the Wall for Sunak and Starmer

China and Israel Have a Long History of Cooperating in Repression

Two Gaza Scenarios: Greater Israel vs. Oslo

The West cannot escape the extension of the Israeli‑Palestinian conflict

Reflections on the 9th Degrowth Conference: Key Discussions and Areas for Growth

Capitalist globalisation, transnational class exploitation and the global police state: An interview with William I. Robinson

Gaza: between a second Nakba and the revival of the Oslo fiction

Gaza: The Impending Catastrophe and the Urgency of Stopping It

A Surprise Attack–but Nothing Surprising About It

Why US mental health associations justify Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza

Grifter Capital

Solidarity with the Palestinian people – end the occupation!

Optimism of the intellect

Shattered illusions: Gaza attack draws comparisons to 1973 and exposes fatal flaws in Israel’s policies

A letter from Palestine

On Hamas’s October Counter‑Offensive

On “Violence” and “clashes” between Palestinians and Apartheid Israel

Gaza’s shock attack has terrified Israelis. It should also unveil the context

The UK’s suicidal Rosebank decision – Scotland needs a stronger response

Fourth International youth camp 2023 – Importance of internationalism

“It feels like the apocalypse”

Suella Braverman’s speech shows Tory culture wars’ election strategy

Pablo –  the footloose revolutionary

Sudan’s huge tragedy and the way out

Defend the right to protest, strike and boycott..

Birmingham City Council: honour your commitment to net zero by 2030

Degrowth: a remarkable renaissance

!NOW!! Can you join the Climate Crisis ‘Dots’?!

Stand with Ukraine: TUC Backs Their Right to Resist Russian Aggression

Solidarity with US Auto Workers

The right to work or the right to be lazy?

A Revolutionary Experience. Chile 1970 – 1973

TUC General Secretary speech to Congress 2023

The last words of Salvador Allende

He was one of ours: Tribute to Túlio Roberto, victim of the Pinochet coup

Remembering: The coup in Chile

In Greece, megaracists fan the flames of megafires

Labour leadership ousts Hackney North officers

New COVID 19 Variant Raises Concerns as UK Government Expands Booster Program

Vaccines – The new division between Haves and Have Nots

A Palestinian View on Ukraine: Parallels of Occupation and Solidarity

Trans*Mission August Roundup

Degrowthers Gain Support as Planet Cooks. Can They Ally With Green New Dealers?

Left Alone: Accounts of being radical now

The Tory crisis, Starmer’s caution, and the left alternative

Imperialism(s) and the New Cold War

Earth first! occupy Cumbrian coalmine!

On Reproductive Justice, the dangers of Malthusianism, Neo‑Malthusianism and Social Policy

After “Socialism”: The Republic of Lithuania

Ai Wei Wei – art against tyranny

Remembering September 11, 1973: The US‑backed Pinochet coup in Chile

Rubiales’ kiss creates political storm in Spain

Anarchists and Marxists

Imagined Threats, Real Inequality: Marxism And The Allure Of Conspiracism

In defence of free school meals for all

Revolt and Reaction

ACR appeal for Ecosocialism Conference

Belarus: oil refinery trade union leaders arrested

If “Modernisation” on Rail means job cuts and safety issues, is Privatisation the Problem?

Paris Memories – Bataclan 2015

Medical aid for Ukraine: An urgent appeal

The Rossettis – a radical refugee family

The Elephant is indeed in the Room, but it must be seen in full

Transforming Politics from the Left – A new Left party Transform

Yes to Life, Yes to Yasuní!

The Unbearable Manicheanism Of The “Anti‑Imperialist” Left

Grain is the key, sweep away everything else

Russia: I’m a Ukrainian leftist. This is why I support Boris Kagarlitsky

Yes to Refugees/No to Fascists and Racists

Everyone’s Afraid of an Angry Woman: Honouring Sinéad O’Connor

Portugal’s Left Bloc: ‘We provide a solid political reference point to the workers and social movements’

Trans*Mission July Roundup

An Ever‑Paler Shade of Green: Starmer’s New ‘Green Pledges’

Mad World

Campaigning to free Kagarlitsky: why and how

As the planet burns – and the Tories are trounced in by‑elections – Keir Starmer dumps his eco‑pledges

Drowning in Dividends: The Failed Privatisation of Britain’s Water Industry

The Way forward for Postal Workers

Labour’s National Policy Forum charade

No For An Answer – a radical opera

“Organise a broad solidarity campaign and demand the immediate release of Boris Kagarlitsky and all political prisoners”

Hard right fails to make breakthrough in Spanish election

Election looming

Revisiting Marxism 2023: The SWP Rebuilds its Ranks

Democracy is key to tackling environmental degradation


Urban Wanderings: Keiller’s Cinematic Psychogeography

America’s Housing Crisis

Stop the repression! Solidarity with Dr Kamel Aissat!

Spanish general election 23 July, Can the right be stopped?

Anticapitalistas (Spanish State) statement on the general election to be held on 23rd July.

Ukraine and the abstraction of violence: my reply to Tom Dale

TUC LGBT+ Conference 2023


Hunt’s ‘no more money’ claim aims to blame workers for massive cuts

Governments are reinforcing fossil fuels’ power. We need to build alliances against it

Trans*Mission Pride Edition

Ban cluster bombs – Ukraine is no exception

Ai Weiwei  – Making Sense

In Jenin, Israel is unveiling the next phase of apartheid

Black Mirror back to back

UNISON Conference 2023: a left consolidated

Nicaragua in the Stars at Noon

GENDER VIOLENCE Women workers transform Tamil Nadu factories in fight against gender‑based violence

Angel Hugo Blanco Galdós Presente!

Under the bombs in Jenin – news from the Freedom Theatre

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

Revolutionary, peasant leader: Hugo Blanco (1934 – 2023)

Criminal policing, systemic racism, anti‑social policies: supporting a legitimate revolt

Dump the Tories but organise for an anti‑capitalist alternative


The Left and Ukraine: Two Pitfalls to Avoid

Climate collapse threatens slide to fascism and war


On Charlie Hore’s Review of The New Cold War

PCS says No

Hugo Blanco  15.11.1934‑25.06.2023

For Palestine: Remembering Tom Hurndall and many struggles

What does Prigozhin’s march mean?

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

Two shipwrecks reveal the state of the world

Fred Carpenter (1952‑2023)

The Electoral Collapse of SYRIZA: The Left and the Coming Election

In honour of Esteban Volkov (1926‑2023)

Adorno in the Kremlin

Open Letter to the parties and organizations of the São Paulo Forum

Anti‑Deportation activity in Manchester

Behind the scenes at the Jaffa Cake factory

“We need human solidarity”: report from Kalamata after deadly shipwreck

In Praise of Non‑Conformists!

Che Guevara: Marxist intellectual?

Decrim now

Berlusconi – godfather to Trump and Johnson

Paine was fantastical

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

La France insoumise, a political current with feet of clay that dominates the left

A Climate Plea From a Post‑Truth World on Fire

Few things are ever really new: the anti‑claimant attack

“What did each of us do to stop this nightmare?”

25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, local election results show it’s time to prepare for Irish unity

Atlanta Police and Prosecutors Target Legal Support Activists

Corbyn in Budapest: “We Have to Be Organised on an International Basis”

The debate on Ukraine at UCU Congress 2023

“They Also Used to Laugh at Hitler”

Hope is shipwrecked: Erdogan’s regime wins again

Alternatives to NHS Talking Therapy in North East London

Hugo Blanco’s urgent medical costs

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

From impasse to the road to reaction: an urgent assessment of the political scenario

The Tories’ Nativist Natalism

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

Northern Ireland Rejects the British Union – Geoff Bell, Labour for Irish Unity

Taiwan, militarism and the reactionary campaign against China

Chronicle of A Riot Foretold

Reading Mandel

Some Thoughts on Solidarity, Morality, Guilt and Atonement…

Breaking Boundaries and Turning Up the Volume: Inside the Revolutionary Sound of KILL, THE ICON!

Support the Indigenous movement in Ecuador

Over 6,000 March For Independence In Swansea

Iran: Red Roots of Resistance in Manchester

What kind of trade unions do we need?

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

The Fight for Democracy: A Challenge to Britain’s New Laws Undermining Protests and Civil Liberties

The social movement on hold in France

Global Post‑Fascism and the War in Ukraine

Statement of the anti‑war committee of Kyrgyzstan

Western capital, warmonger Putin and the climate policy disaster

Tory Rebels: Mad Hatters and Creeping Fascism

Royal Mail’s Strike Saga: An Inside Look into CWU’s Fight for Fair Pay and Job Security

Trans*Mission’s Weekly Roundup

Finding Lola

Britain’s royal rip‑off

Fascism Creeps into the UK: The Rise of Authoritarianism and the Threat to Democracy

It’s not going well for the racists…

Issues facing UCU Congress 2023: democracy, industrial strategy, international solidarity and equality

Local Elections – Tories take a beating

Washington Is Obstructing the Path to a Political Settlement in Ukraine

Not my King – Protest the Coronation

The Unravelling Monarchy

Korean Labour Movement All‑Out against Repression

How to blow up a pipeline: the film

Bring together the anti‑fascist struggle and class struggle. If not now when?

The execution of King Charles: ‘Let’s put all brutish tyrants down’

Anti‑royal arrests: the after‑effects

1953: Militarism and Magical Symbolism

From Ukraine to Palestine: The Poisons of Denialism

For a massive and noisy May Day

Against Half‑Solidarity and False Pacifism – Statement of the Russian Socialist Movement on May Day

Desperate Journeys. Sick System!

Comments on Noam Chomsky’s New Stateman interview on Ukraine

Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living: Activists Rally on International Workers Memorial Day”

A Sudanese Dream

The New Cold War with Gilbert Achcar

Nursing Strike Cut Short After High Court Decision: Support for Nurses Continues Despite Legal Setback

Solidarity with Sudan

Pathetic Alternative failing in Long Eaton

A French spring

Environmental and Social Justice Groups Rally for Ban on Waste Incineration in the UK

Labour Black Socialists calls for the whip to be restored to Diane Abbott

‘Life‑and‑death battle’

Hats off to XR Rebellion and ‘The Big One’ demo!

Diane Abbott – reject the letter but stop the witchhunt

Raab, Ofsted and the CBI – Brutal World of Work Exposed

The Big One – a photo essay

War Clouds Thicken Over Taiwan, What Should the Left‑wing Standpoint be?

What is capitalism?

Abortion at the Centre of American Politics

JUST STOP OIL – Slow Marches

This Land Is Whose Land? Indian Country and the Shortcomings of Settler Protest

JOINT PRESS RELEASE by Éditions La Fabrique (Paris) and Verso Books (London)

Fully warranted resistance

“everything, everywhere, all at once (a new ACR leaflet)

You have had money stolen from you…

Beyond the Car: Oxford’s much maligned ‘15‑minute city’

Battle for pensions: The discordances of the movement

The Ireland of Memory and the Ireland of Reality – Biden’s Visit to Ireland

Mussolini’s Children

George Monbiot ‘We need to create the biggest movement that has ever been…’ | Extinction Rebellion

The Unsettling Truth: Influencers and the Erosion of Authenticity

David Harvey to Speak on the Geography of Capital at Institut La Boétie Conference Series

Tories go low, Labour go lower – on the Labour attack ad

Building for the Big One

Drag Queens and Tory Liars

Chronicles of the Abyss: The Alien Saga and America’s Shadows

Ernest Mandel Was One of the 20th Century’s Greatest Marxist Thinkers

Some reflections on Livio Maitan on the occasion of the centenary

Remembering Livio Maitan but looking to the future

NEU steps up fightback

Beyond Evil and Lesser Evil

Dijiu tianchang (So Long my Son): A Poignant Portrayal of Human Resilience and Political Change in China

An isolated government, but a movement in suspense

A Disgrace to Democracy

Defying Expectations: A Gripping Exploration of Policing and Gender in a Murder Case

Antifascism in Cymru/Wales

Banking crisis in Switzerland: socialisation not monster colossus!

“Once more unto the breach….”

What can the Luddites tell us about AI and Capitalism?

Embracing the 15‑Minute City: A Sustainable and People‑Centric Urban Vision

The Human Cost of Ofsted Inspections: A Tipping Point in Education

‘Adult Human Female’ and the contradictions of left wing transphobia

A Coup d’État in Israel?

Rise, Roar, Revolt on film

The Violent Crackup of the Post‑WWII International Order: Notes on the Geopolitical Crisis and Global Capital

Faced with social anger, Macron replaces legitimacy with police batons

The Wrong Sort of Jew: A Play Exposing Labour’s Antisemitic Purge

Peter Hitchens is wrong, the Nazis were not left wing

AC Radio Episode 9 – Hayao Miyazaki’s pigs vs fascists


Ransacking Iraq

Women Talking and Acting

Dismantling the Met: A Call for Radical Police Reform

Banks on the Brink? The Origins, Nature, and Trajectory of the Crisis

Macron’s up against the wall, let’s not let the 49.3 save him

There’s No Settlement of the War in Ukraine Without China

Are you watching Mister Starmer this is what an opposition looks like

The Labour Files – The Forde Response – Al Jazeera Investigations

Feminist resistance in Russia

Moral hazard or creative destruction?

Tory budget – behind the gloss it is the Same Old Tories

Unprecedented United Front: Teachers, Doctors, and LU Staff Together for a Monumental Day of Protest

Women’s Continual Impoverishment as UK Government Policy: Women and the Cost of Living Crisis

Lenin reading Hegel

Ukrainian socialists in the diaspora: lessons on Cold War solidarity from another era

The Inhumanity of Power: Suella Braverman’s Chilling Words and the Drip, Drip of Fear and Hatred

The Human Story Behind the UK Budget: A Decade of Tory Economic Mismanagement

Everything Everywhere for Everyone

Is Iran on the Verge of a Revolution?

Women’s abstract art ‘re‑discovered’

Consistent anti‑imperialism and the Ukraine war

SVB: from the valley to the chasm

Blood Sport: The BBC vs the Tories

“HS2 Delay – Levelling Up in Doubt”

Donate to POSLE

Sylvia – feminism through song and dance (or Sylvia hip hops)

Gary Lineker, Refugees… & the Climate Crisis

Challenging Capitalism: Perspectives from Anti*Capitalist Resistance

French rebellion  against Pensions cuts still strong

International Women’s Day in Manchester

Women on the front line everywhere!

Full‑time feminist, part‑time madwoman … and striker—when and how?

The Secret Messaging Dilemma: The Ethics of UK Government Officials Using WhatsApp”

The political economy of the cost of living crisis in the UK: What is to be done?

Labour’s shameful failure to defend migrant workers

Women’s Rights, Human Rights

Britain: Wave of strike action continues ahead of Budget day

One year after the Russian invasion, what should solidarity with Ukraine look like?

“The world situation is that of a new cold war”

Alice Neel, painter and anarcho humanist, 1900‑1984

The UK’s Illegal Migration Bill: Sustaining Divisive Myths and Fuelling Far‑Right Extremism

The Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior: A Legacy of State‑Sponsored Terrorism

Daniel Hannan – Corrida De Tories

The Spectacle of Imperialism: Unpacking the Global Performance of Violence and Domination

Dangerous Liaisons: The marriages and divorces of Marxism and Feminism

One Girl Dead, 400 Children Poisoned Amid Attacks on Schools in Iran

“Russia Is Giving Carte Blanche to the Far Right”

The Alternative: Building a Movement of Liberation Against a Colonial Regime, Not Demonstrating to Defend “Jewish Democracy”

Schlein shock win in PD leadership race

A mixed week for strikes in Britain

Statement on one year of war in Ukraine – ACR steering Committee

What Russian Socialists did on the Anniversary of the Invasion?

The Labour Party Can’t Abandon Working People

On the Anniversary of Russia’s War on Ukraine: Analysing the Roots of Russian Imperialism

The Settler Colonial Origins of Israel’s Constitutional Crisis

A Fair Trial?

Happy birthday, Kirill Butylin

‘Ukraine is fighting occupiers and tormenters’

Voices of the Ukrainian Resistance

A People’s History of Catalonia by Michael Eaude (Pluto Press, 2022)

“Now Ukraine Needs Allies, Not Talk of Neutrality”

AC Radio Episode 8 – Left Wing Football Firms and the Fight Against Fascism

Ukraine: this new cold war must end before the world faces Armageddon

Psychoanalysts Unite … Against Trans

8 January: Contradictions and alternatives in the struggle against fascism

Russia‑Ukraine: one year of war – the economics

Toward a rank‑and‑file caucus in UCU

The Ukrainian Question for Socialists

The Pause, and UCU decision‑making

Contradictions in British strike wave

Brianna Ghey Vigil Speech 18/02

Care workers clap back: strikes, unions and the exodus from care

 FINITE: The Climate of Change

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Dystopian movies chart the rise of Apocalypse capitalism – part 1

Being Trans, 2023

Stop the Sellout – support this statement to Jo Grady

We Say: War on War!

Fascist Threat and Socialist Hope

China’s New Left: The Revival of Lost Traditions

Big business: a force for exploiting workers and ripping off customers

Trans*Mission and rs21

What’s Happening in India!

Starmer bans Corbyn

Sturgeon quits – where next for Scotland?

Supporting Ukraine—Without Writing a Blank Check

The EHRC’s rather large blind spot

The Nord Stream pipeline explosions: challenging false narratives

Fly in League with the Night

Brianna Ghey – Remember Her Name

Aggravated Activism Day

Meloni Marches on

The Ukraine War and the Cost of Living Crisis

Pensions: women on the front line, women in struggle!

Saint Omer…a woman has killed her baby

Queer Tolstoy and anti‑authoritarian struggle today

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

A useful contribution – but with loose ends

“Support Is Vital throughout One’s Imprisonment, Even if It Is Very Long.” Part 2

Red Roots Collective Statement

The invasion of Ukraine one year on

The Death Penalty and the Reactionary Right: A Violation of Human Rights

Colleges and Universities on Strike

Anti*Capitalist Resistance says NO to Transphobia! NO to Queerphobia!

No arms to Ukraine?

Jack’s Manchester story

Earthquake in Turkey: the state versus the people

A Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down Foreshadows Future Conflicts

Sexual harassment in the TSSA

The Far Right in Ukraine (An Interview with Taras Bilous)

The pro‑Putin demands of Britain’s “Stop the War” campaign

The orchestra of the blind, the deaf, the amnesiacs, the storytellers and the accomplices plays its score

“Bigger than Roe”

“Whether One Prison Is Better than Another Is Not the Point: It Shouldn’t Be There in the First Place”. Part 1

Anti*Capitalist Resistance in the North of England (new leaflet)

NPA on Pensions Struggle in France

Earthquake Appeal

New popular resistance in Latin America

Keynes and the left

Living with Georgia

11 February Manchester Iran mobilisation

Queering Everybody Part II

Five Theoretical Reflections on Ukrainian Resistance

Strike wave continues to build across Britain

The Vaccine Strategy without Vaccines

The Britishvolt gigafactory collapse

Disabled People: Included in a technological revolution or excluded by techno‑fascism?

ACRadio Episode 7 – Review of Kohei Saito’s Marx in the Anthropocene

Till – film which resonates down the years

The crisis of hegemony, imperialism and global security challenges


Pussy Riot – new short film

ACRadio Episode 6 – Ian Parker on Stalinist Realism and Open Communism

Kohei Saito’s new book asks: was Marx a degrowth communist? (Review)

Pensions: nothing to expect from the Parliament, let’s build a hard and lasting strike!

“Walkout Wednesday” (a photo essay)

Building a World Without Police: The Fight for a Classless Society and Social Justice

Why we say: Abolish the Police

Free Our Unions leaflet

Russia: ‘I sacrificed myself to the regime, but I am not a terrorist’

Justice for Tyre Nichols! Solidarity against police murder!

Strike! Our collective future depends on this moment

ChatGPT is asked about anti‑capitalism

Against Multipolar Imperialism

Britain to see biggest strike for decades on 1 February

The anti‑imperialist position is to support the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people’

Why should we support the popular rebellion in Peru?

All Quiet On The Western Front

Queering Everybody I


The Arabs and the Holocaust – a talk with Gilbert Achcar

Davos 2023 Showed Us a Ruling Class Incapable of Resolving Global Crises

Making sense of the Ukraine war

Stalinist Realism and Open Communism: Malignant Mirror or Free Association (a review)

Behind the Hate: Who is Andrew Tate

Unchain Our Unions! (updated leaflet)

Where the “Motherland” Calls: From Gender Mythology to Political Action

It is always darkest before the dawn: how Russian anarchists today struggle for revolution 

Lydia Tár

What are the Lessons of Vietnam for Ukraine Today?

Russia and South Africa: the oppressors make a deal

Inside Britain’s First Amazon Strike

Crimean People’s Republic

Spectre of fascism is haunting us


Ursula K. Le Guin on Suffering and Getting to the Other Side of Pain

Lara Sheehi: Stop silencing Palestine solidarity in academia

Raids on KCTU, Neoliberal Crisis and Popular Authoritarianism in South Korea: An Explainer

Michael Denning on Antonio Gramsci and Hegemony

Understanding the codified cinematography of mainstream porn

Resisting war and repression in Putin’s Russia

Africa: the dustbin of capitalism

Algerian Film Was Born in the Struggle Against French Colonialism

Transport: how Silicon Valley turns technologies against us all

Antisemitic Zionists Aren’t a Contradiction in Terms

Building for Iran protests in Manchester

Building Solidarity

Labour silence on abuse uncovered in reports

After a Pathological Sleep

The US Military Compares Itself to the Rebel Alliance. In Reality, It’s the Evil Empire.

Massive rejection of the Macron‑Borne reform of the pension system

Outrage as UK Tories attack Trans Rights and Scottish Devolution

A statement from Scottish civil society organisations on the UK Government’s intervention on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

Revolution means smashing the state

“Irrational and Insulting: A Vindictive Assault on Basic Freedoms”

The Forgotten Women of Surrealism: A Magical, Short Animated Film

Call for international action on 1 February 

Russia: the time for protest has gone, it’s time for resistance

Oscar René Vargas is Nicaragua’s Latest Prisoner of Conscience

‘Farha’ and the Claustrophobic State of Palestinian Cinema

A new left is forming – it just isn’t in the same party (yet)

Mandel Centenary video project

The Fight Goes on

Support the Hounslow LIFE Strikers!

Why did Foxconn Workers’ Protests in Zhengzhou Happen: The Seven Evil Deeds of Foxconn, the CCP and Apple

How Amílcar Cabral shaped Paulo Freire’s pedagogy

Zero‑COVID, reopening, and the proliferation of state capitalisms

From Mobilization to Revolution: World War I in Three Slogans

Free Our Unions open organising meeting: 7pm, 17 January

TUC to hold national ‘protect the right to strike’ day on February 1

Call for solidarity actions with anti‑war activists in Russia

Understanding Mark Fisher

The Brazilian Capitol: confronting the fascists, no truce no amnesty

Svitlana Romanko speaks with Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign

Goldmann’s Wager

Far Right Politicians Become a Power in the U.S. Congress

Jeremy Corbyn: Brazil’s Insurrection Plotters Are Trying to Destroy Democracy

USA in Africa: the return

Social Movement (Ukraine): Looking back at 2022

Stop the Coup Offensive

The Fate of Abraham

Hannah Arendt and the Banality of Evil

The Death of the NHS

The Terminal Crises of Global Capitalism

ACRadio Episode 5 – The Working Class #1

Making Parliamentary Democracy safe for Imperialism: One Nation Conservatism in the UK

Protect the right to strike!

Climate protests are being criminalised, but we will not stop

Programme and class to fight trans oppression — a reply

Open Communism Part 2

What China is reading

My year in pictures

Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek

Strike action continues with significant public support

Maggie Chapman MSP on transphobia in the Green Party of England and Wales

Stalinist Realism part 1

Brazil: a victory in a tragedy underway

Fifth Congress of the NPA: A door opened to hope

Benedict and the Catholic Church

Pele leaves us but his magic will never die

The price of gas and the costs of war

“They have the technology, they have the weapons, they have the money, they have everything. What do we have? We have solidarity!”

Are Peace Talks Possible? Prof. Gilbert Achcar on Whether Russia & Ukraine Can Negotiate End to War

Great Power Rivalry Resurgent

Review of 2022: the year it became okay to jail protesters in Britain

Justice for the victims of the Paris attack and all Kurds now

The First Big Strike of 2023 May Happen Behind Prison Walls

International food crisis and proposals to overcome it

Russia. Renaissance is not going to happen

Sharon Graham’s Fighting Union

We defend the women’s revolution against political femicide!

Trans Rights: Victory in Scotland but battle not over!

Netflix’s “Farha” is a mild depiction of the Nakba

Books of the year

End the Islamic Republic!

“Power Should Return to the People”

From Scrooge to Royal Mail’s Simon Thompson. What happened next?

A counterstrike by His Majesty’s 1st Battalion of Bastards (Volunteer Regiment)

Five favourite books read in 2022

Swimming for refuge

Well, there it is!

The New York Times Uncritically Repeats Discredited Antidepressant Claims

Streaming Horror

A Year in Articles

Peru: “a coup within a coup”

Can global capitalism endure?

“The Territory” (a review)

Strikers Fight for us all

Neoliberal Fascism, Cruel Violence, and the Politics of Disposability

Canary in the Coal Mine: Twitter and the End of Social Media

Iran: The past will not return to the future

Conspiracy Theory Without Theory: On Don’t Look Up

“People Will Die Of Poverty In Wales This Winter” – The Cost of Living Crisis in Cynon Valley

The American Surveillance State

Starmer/Brown constitutional plans – damp squib or radical vision?

Digital work and exploitation

The Crypto‑Populist Pyramid Scam

Rail Workers Are On Our Side

ACRadio Episode 4: Right to Food

Andor – Resistance and Rebellion (a review)

“For Me It’s Easier That Way:” Why Facts Won’t Beat Propaganda

In Memoriam: John Molyneux (1948‑2022)

Chips: the new arms race

Women Making Modernism

The Left View on the Prospects of Peace Negotiations

The geopolitics of crisis

Ukraine: “Which Peace Are We Talking About?” An Interview with Gilbert Achcar

The Foxconn uprising in Zhengzhou

The spirit of resistance: Mick Lynch in conversation with Gary Younge

A brief response about my purported “change of position”

The World Cup has exposed the bankruptcy of the Abraham Accords

The whole postal service is at risk

Barbara Kingsolver – Making the invisible, visible

Tori and Lokita

Starmer, migration and the economy

Socialists Should Support the Popular Resistance in China

Democrats Vote to Stop Railway Workers from Striking; The Squad Fails the Test

The Autism Industrial Complex

The Banshees of Inisherin

For a democratic antiwar position on the invasion of Ukraine

COP27 was a spectacular failure – boycotting future COP conferences, however, would only compound the problem

Socialist Seychelles? More than a postcard

Saito: the metabolic rift and de‑growth communism

Today’s far right and the echoes from history

Catch 22! – 48 hours of Tory Corruption and Confusion

Booker Books 2022

Transphobia is the Feminism of Fools

The rich make us pay for their profits! Let’s mobilize against the rise in the cost of living

The Baroness, the VIP lane and PPE profits

On Chechen Resistance and Postcolonial Solidarity

Alaa Abdel Fattah ends his hunger strike