All Quiet On The Western Front

Queering Everybody I


The Arabs and the Holocaust – a talk with Gilbert Achcar

Davos 2023 Showed Us a Ruling Class Incapable of Resolving Global Crises

Making sense of the Ukraine war

Stalinist Realism and Open Communism: Malignant Mirror or Free Association (a review)

Behind the Hate: Who is Andrew Tate

Unchain Our Unions! (updated leaflet)

Where the “Motherland” Calls: From Gender Mythology to Political Action

It is always darkest before the dawn: how Russian anarchists today struggle for revolution 

Lydia Tár

What are the Lessons of Vietnam for Ukraine Today?

Russia and South Africa: the oppressors make a deal

Inside Britain’s First Amazon Strike

Crimean People’s Republic

Spectre of fascism is haunting us


Ursula K. Le Guin on Suffering and Getting to the Other Side of Pain

Lara Sheehi: Stop silencing Palestine solidarity in academia

Raids on KCTU, Neoliberal Crisis and Popular Authoritarianism in South Korea: An Explainer

Michael Denning on Antonio Gramsci and Hegemony

Understanding the codified cinematography of mainstream porn

Resisting war and repression in Putin’s Russia

Africa: the dustbin of capitalism

Algerian Film Was Born in the Struggle Against French Colonialism

Transport: how Silicon Valley turns technologies against us all

Antisemitic Zionists Aren’t a Contradiction in Terms

Building for Iran protests in Manchester

Building Solidarity

Labour silence on abuse uncovered in reports

After a Pathological Sleep

The US Military Compares Itself to the Rebel Alliance. In Reality, It’s the Evil Empire.

Massive rejection of the Macron‑Borne reform of the pension system

Outrage as UK Tories attack Trans Rights and Scottish Devolution

A statement from Scottish civil society organisations on the UK Government’s intervention on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

Revolution means smashing the state

“Irrational and Insulting: A Vindictive Assault on Basic Freedoms”

The Forgotten Women of Surrealism: A Magical, Short Animated Film

Call for international action on 1 February 

Russia: the time for protest has gone, it’s time for resistance

Oscar René Vargas is Nicaragua’s Latest Prisoner of Conscience

‘Farha’ and the Claustrophobic State of Palestinian Cinema

A new left is forming – it just isn’t in the same party (yet)

Mandel Centenary video project

The Fight Goes on

Support the Hounslow LIFE Strikers!

Why did Foxconn Workers’ Protests in Zhengzhou Happen: The Seven Evil Deeds of Foxconn, the CCP and Apple

How Amílcar Cabral shaped Paulo Freire’s pedagogy

Zero‑COVID, reopening, and the proliferation of state capitalisms

From Mobilization to Revolution: World War I in Three Slogans

Free Our Unions open organising meeting: 7pm, 17 January

TUC to hold national ‘protect the right to strike’ day on February 1

Call for solidarity actions with anti‑war activists in Russia

Understanding Mark Fisher

The Brazilian Capitol: confronting the fascists, no truce no amnesty

Svitlana Romanko speaks with Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign

Goldmann’s Wager

Far Right Politicians Become a Power in the U.S. Congress

Jeremy Corbyn: Brazil’s Insurrection Plotters Are Trying to Destroy Democracy

USA in Africa: the return

Social Movement (Ukraine): Looking back at 2022

Stop the Coup Offensive

The Fate of Abraham

Hannah Arendt and the Banality of Evil

The Death of the NHS

The Terminal Crises of Global Capitalism

ACRadio Episode 5 – The Working Class #1

Making Parliamentary Democracy safe for Imperialism: One Nation Conservatism in the UK

Protect the right to strike!

Climate protests are being criminalised, but we will not stop

Programme and class to fight trans oppression — a reply

Open Communism Part 2

What China is reading

My year in pictures

Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek

Strike action continues with significant public support

Maggie Chapman MSP on transphobia in the Green Party of England and Wales

Stalinist Realism part 1

Brazil: a victory in a tragedy underway

Fifth Congress of the NPA: A door opened to hope

Benedict and the Catholic Church

Pele leaves us but his magic will never die

The price of gas and the costs of war

“They have the technology, they have the weapons, they have the money, they have everything. What do we have? We have solidarity!”

Are Peace Talks Possible? Prof. Gilbert Achcar on Whether Russia & Ukraine Can Negotiate End to War

Great Power Rivalry Resurgent

Review of 2022: the year it became okay to jail protesters in Britain

Justice for the victims of the Paris attack and all Kurds now

The First Big Strike of 2023 May Happen Behind Prison Walls

International food crisis and proposals to overcome it

Russia. Renaissance is not going to happen

Sharon Graham’s Fighting Union

We defend the women’s revolution against political femicide!

Trans Rights: Victory in Scotland but battle not over!

Netflix’s “Farha” is a mild depiction of the Nakba

Books of the year

End the Islamic Republic!

“Power Should Return to the People”

From Scrooge to Royal Mail’s Simon Thompson. What happened next?

A counterstrike by His Majesty’s 1st Battalion of Bastards (Volunteer Regiment)

Five favourite books read in 2022

Swimming for refuge

Well, there it is!

The New York Times Uncritically Repeats Discredited Antidepressant Claims

Streaming Horror

A Year in Articles

A Red Down the Chimney Revolutionary Christmas History

Peru: “a coup within a coup”

Can global capitalism endure?

“The Territory” (a review)

Strikers Fight for us all

Neoliberal Fascism, Cruel Violence, and the Politics of Disposability

Canary in the Coal Mine: Twitter and the End of Social Media

Iran: The past will not return to the future

Conspiracy Theory Without Theory: On Don’t Look Up

“People Will Die Of Poverty In Wales This Winter” – The Cost of Living Crisis in Cynon Valley

The American Surveillance State

Starmer/Brown constitutional plans – damp squib or radical vision?

Digital work and exploitation

The Crypto‑Populist Pyramid Scam

Rail Workers Are On Our Side

ACRadio Episode 4: Right to Food

Andor – Resistance and Rebellion (a review)

“For Me It’s Easier That Way:” Why Facts Won’t Beat Propaganda

In Memoriam: John Molyneux (1948‑2022)

Chips: the new arms race

Women Making Modernism

The Left View on the Prospects of Peace Negotiations

The geopolitics of crisis

Ukraine: “Which Peace Are We Talking About?” An Interview with Gilbert Achcar

The Foxconn uprising in Zhengzhou

The spirit of resistance: Mick Lynch in conversation with Gary Younge

A brief response about my purported “change of position”

The World Cup has exposed the bankruptcy of the Abraham Accords

The whole postal service is at risk

Barbara Kingsolver – Making the invisible, visible

Tori and Lokita

Starmer, migration and the economy

Socialists Should Support the Popular Resistance in China

Democrats Vote to Stop Railway Workers from Striking; The Squad Fails the Test

The Autism Industrial Complex

The Banshees of Inisherin

For a democratic antiwar position on the invasion of Ukraine

COP27 was a spectacular failure – boycotting future COP conferences, however, would only compound the problem

Socialist Seychelles? More than a postcard

Saito: the metabolic rift and de‑growth communism

Today’s far right and the echoes from history

Catch 22! – 48 hours of Tory Corruption and Confusion

Booker Books 2022

Transphobia is the Feminism of Fools

The rich make us pay for their profits! Let’s mobilize against the rise in the cost of living

The Baroness, the VIP lane and PPE profits

On Chechen Resistance and Postcolonial Solidarity

Alaa Abdel Fattah ends his hunger strike

RIC statement on Supreme Court ruling

Red List

Crosscurrents and the Force of Nature – Winslow Homer

A Sigh of Relief, but Not Out of the Woods by any Means: US Midterm Elections 2022

Q&A: Navigating the Left’s Ukraine Debate

Goodbye, “Russian Romance!”: an Interview with Kavita Krishnan. Part 2

Free Alaa Abd el‑Fattah, #FreeThemAll

After the first week in Sharm El‑Sheikh – COP27 is at the brink

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega & the Ghost of Louis Bonaparte

The English – a Western that tells the truth

Qatar World Cup, not just about the football

Mamadou Ba

Goodbye, “Russian Romance!”: an Interview with Kavita Krishnan. Part 1

Exiled Russian Activist Challenges Pacifist Approach to Ending War on Ukraine

Economics Eugenics and Covid – How it played out in Plague Island

A PCS member writes

The labour movement needs to put forward a socialist fiscal plan

Essential reading for the radical left!

Remembrance Day: a travesty of the truth

ACRadio Episode 3: Neil Faulkner/Brazil

Postcard from Mauritius

UCU Votes for National Action

Why we need a planned economy

Ukrainian socialist Denys Pilash: ‘Russia will only negotiate if it suffers some defeats’

Keir Starmer thinks parents own their trans kids

COP27‑ Still Fiddling While the World Burns

A Very British Conspiracy

Free Albania (not)

ACRadio Episode 2: Tories in Meltdown

ACRadio Episode 1: Would a Labour left government calm the financial markets?


The Truss farce and capital’s dilemmas in funding the state

Victory for Lula and the Brazilian people

The Political Importance of Mike Davis

Schooling under threat: One of the many challenges in the West Banks Masafer Yatta


Postcard from La Réunion

No More Deaths in Custody

Grèves contre la vie chère en Grande‑Bretagne : Entretien avec Simon Hannah

Rishi Sunak – can he fix it for the Tories?

Mike Davis (1946‑2022): Miscellaneous Encounters with “A Real Marxist”

A Clear Message for new PM Sunak: ‘Chaos Costs Lives’

One‑Man Show Disrupted by a Nobody

The war and the future of Ukraine and the left movement

As NHS unions ballot for strike action, can they unite and avoid mistakes of past disputes?

Conservatives: Faction Fighting and Desperation

Is the Labour Party dead for the Left?

Secrets of a holiday island

Britain in crisis! Tories in meltdown! What next?

Solidarity with the protest movement in Iran!

Against the far right in all its forms

Solidarity with the CWU in Brighton

China: Xi’s third term – part 3: chips, dual circulation and imperialism

“Bureaucrats Are the New Kings.” How War and Mobilization have Affected the Lives of Industrial Workers

Why the ‘markets’ are not god

Postcard from Gauteng

No, the West Didn’t Halt Ukraine’s Peace Talks With Russia

Psychiatry and communism, and Stalinist false friends

China: Xi’s third term – part two: property, debt and common prosperity

China: Xi’s third term – part one: growth, investment and consumption

One hundred years of the Beeb

The Fight for Abortion and Reproductive Justice after Roe

The limits of western economic war with Russia and the failure of climate policy   

What is the significance of the Saudi oil decision?

“Stop the War!” Discussions of the German Left

Stalinist Realism and Open Communism

We must win

#ToriesKill22 – Disabled People’s Alliance Die‑In

ACR Statement on Scottish self‑determination

The old and new enemies of the working class

The United States and China in Latin America: Rival Imperialisms

Iranian Revolution, Political Islam and Global Capitalism

On the Results of the First Round: Return to the Streets to Win on 30 October!

Post‑Roe struggles over abortion rights – and what they mean about US democracy

For an Ecosocialist Degrowth

Austerity: Two, Three, Many Campaigns

Save the Buses campaign

The Transitional Programme

Achieving climate justice is about solidarity across borders. Not charity

Marxists against Stalinism by Ernest Mandel


International solidarity. How foreign leftists are helping Ukraine in the war

Starmer vs Lynch, different vision, different language

“These people are corrupt”

Jîna ‘Mahsa’ Amini Was Kurdish And That Matters

Voices From Ukraine

Starmer’s “Green Growth Superpower”

Outside of Ukraine, “Leftists” are accustomed to only listening to those from Moscow: Interview with anarcho‑syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine

Brazil: End of the Nightmare?

Feminine Power

Ukraine Information Group launched

Trussonomics: A Very Short Introduction

Putin’s Annexation of More Ukrainian Territory is Part of Pattern of Ethnocide and Genocide. Stand with Ukraine.

Austerity 2.0

War and resistance in Putin’s Russia

Enough Already

Class war

Edenfield: Mental Health in Crisis

Labour Conference, Sir Keir rampant

Banker’s Bonuses and the Economics of Inequality

British Capitalism on the Brink


The Labour Files

UKRAINE: Voices of resistance and solidarity

Post Fascist Leader Giorgia Meloni Wins in Italy

This is not my voice: This is the voice of Zhina Amini

Iran demonstration in Manchester: Disruption and Solidarity

Workers can win – a handbook for all trade union activists

Not a Single Soldier for the Criminal War!

‘Polluters must pay’: UN chief calls for a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies

How to Feed the World Without Destroying the Planet

Untimely Thoughts: Notes on Revolution and Ukraine

Woman! Life! Freedom!

It’s a Capitalism‑Induced Ecological Crisis

Picture of the Week: Anti‑Trans Desecration

The grim spectacle of London Fashion Week

A Caribbean Carnival of protest

The Queue

An Exchange of Letters

Return of the Dinosaurs

“Total, BP or Shell will not voluntarily give up their profits. We have to become stronger than them…”

The Quiet Girl (An Cailín Ciúin)

Towards Neurodivergent Marxism

Abolish the prince of Wales. Let’s build a democratic republic

Did Lenin Create Ukraine? On the Right of Nations to Self‑Determination and Marxism

Towards the Brown International of the European and Global Far Right?

The King, his Prime Minister and the Class Struggle

Strikes and solidarity – hot autumn in Britain?

Reproductive rights and Disabled Women

Reactionary Grief

Why socialists oppose the monarchy

Chile: We thought we were progressives in the neoliberal lab

Italian elections – heading for a Meloni far right government?

Climate policy and local government

The meaning of ‘So‑called Primitive Accumulation’

Ukraine, war and the British left

Continuity Misrule 

Sarah Parker: socialist feminist and tireless fighter for Kurdistan

Singing to the Melody of Capital: The Penchant for the Sensational and Voyeuristic

Wales youth march against nukes

Living with Political Clarity: A Tribute to Xiang Qing

‘Today, people are not just fighting for Ukraine but to destroy the Russian regime’

The Need for Anti‑War Socialist Feminism

Queer Poetry

“The Worker Is Always Vulnerable”

Spotlight on anti‑abortion groups

Covid‑19 Pandemic is not over, It is still destroying lives

Fair Pay Is Within Reach

Disabled People’s Alliance Statement

Covid Action launch this Wednesday 31/08 in London!

The Ecological Scars of War

Solidarity for as long as it takes

Lenin, Ukraine, and the Amnesia of the “Anti‑war Left”

“Fiddling While Rome burns”

The Crisis is Only Just Beginning

Ukraine and the Dangers of Nuclear War

Remembering Sarah Parker

Revolting Gays

Denounce the brutal El‑Sisi regime – but don’t boycott COP27

The War on Woke

Million say ‘enough is enough’, as Tories plan massive attack

Will the Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

Eastern Europe’s Tragedy. How the Spheres of Influence Policy Amplifies Reaction

SRI LANKA: Stop the repression! Release Political Prisoners! Uphold Democratic Rights!

Drought, heat wave and revolution

Ukraine: the invasion of capital

How to fight the reactionary racist and fascist regime in Italy’s general election

Biden’s Climate Act a potential game changer

Communization future histories: Everything for Everyone

Statement in support of Salman Rushdie

Peterloo Commemoration

Ukraine could abandon key labour principle as part of EU drive

The experience of the International Youth camp, an essential political moment!

Union aid: support Ukraine mineworkers’ resistance

‘The Canary in the Coal Mine’: Sri Lanka’s crisis is a chronicle foretold

Tory candidates push anti‑China cold war

I’m a Ukrainian Socialist. Here’s Why I Resist the Russian Invasion

Communists in the Clinic

Podemos: party of struggles or populist operation from above?

Building revolutionary tenderness: Chronicles of the 37th Revolutionary Youth Camp in France

Why so Political?

Support the Grassroots 5

Wildcat strike in Bury

My girlfriend is on Chinese television

Sri Lanka’s democratic revolution

Women’s Football Euros – a step forward for women in sport

“When there’s a problem, people come to us”

Our Submission to The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales

The Crisis of Capitalist Rule

Many Nations Have Used COVID to Impose the Tyranny of Transnational Capital

The Weaponisation of Food

Pay the Rate

The War in Ukraine and the Contradictions of Turkish Politics

British Trade Unions Donate Vehicle and Medical Equipment to Ukrainian Counterparts

Speaking Fiction to Power

“We were for peace!” Only they were not

Starmer’s Never Never Land

Hard Work, Balance, Loyalty

In the struggle for abortion rights, capitalism is the enemy

I’m a Ukrainian Socialist. Here’s Why I Resist the Russian Invasion.

Demand President Zelinskyy veto anti‑worker Laws 5161 and 5371!


China FAQ 常见中国问题解答系列 – Wasn’t China a communist country under Mao? 毛的中国不是共产主义国家吗?

Transphobia is not a Humanism: A Response from News & Letters

Why the law alone won’t save us – or the planet

In Sri Lanka’s crisis, a new president and old problems

10 Terrible Leftist Arguments against Ukrainian Resistance

The future of work 3 – automation

At last, the Forde Report

NATO expands – Kurds betrayed

The United States and Eurasia: Some geopolitical reflections at a time of global crisis

Russia: nature reserve staff hit with savage jail terms

Ukraine and the Peace Movement

British Trades Unions in a state of flux

Democracy means equal participation in the “our common life” enterprise 

Watching the Tory Leadership debates

Ukraine’s recovery must benefit the people. The West has other ideas

What’s next for socialists in the Labour Party?

Trotsky, the Passionate Revolutionary

Towards a new permanent global war?

Global Kurdenjagd and ‘Inglourious Basterds

Bands playing, banners flying – Durham Miner’s Gala 2022

“The right to resist.” A feminist manifesto

Their Values and Ours: The Debate over Western Values and the Values of the Socialist Left

Who is Suella Braverman?

Trans* Love, Tory Hate

Marx, Spinoza, and the Political Implications of Contemporary Psychiatry

After Johnson: Spartans propel surge to the right

What is the UK’s mental health crisis trying to tell us?

Johnson – self pitying and delusional to the end

Durham and Ukraine miners: historic links of friendship

The guerrilla war on Belarus’s railways

Independence March Hits the Road Again

After Roe

Rally around the Flag or “Defensive Consolidation”?

The aggressor always needs peace, the oppressed always need liberation

After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

False Consciousness and Ideology

NATO and a War Foretold

Cymru Under Tory Attacks

In the War: Nationalism, Imperialism, Cosmopolitics

French Revisionism and the Erasure of the Algerian Revolution

‘It were them the cause not you’

Does Momentum provide the dynamic the left needs today?

Ukrainians face forcible deportation and conscription by Russian forces

Why is Ukrainian resistance invisible to you?

The struggle for socialism within Labour

NYC Abortion rights demo 24/6 2022

Reinventing Nazism for state propaganda: How morality is being replaced by force 

The Rightwing’s Supreme Court Coup

Resisting the overturn of Roe v Wade

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Russian Capitalism Today: A Case of ‘Primacy of Politics’?

Bye Bye‑elections – Tories in Crisis

Bodies United

NATO From Bad to Worse

The future of work 2 – working long and hard

A Brief History of Britain’s Anti‑Trade Union Laws

‘Death sentences’ of British & Moroccan POWs in occupied Donbas show clearly why Russia must be driven out of all of Ukraine

Solidarity with the RMT

Alienation, Spectacle, and Revolution: A Critical Marxist Essay – a review

“We Don’t Cross Picket Lines” – Rail Strike Interview With RMT Wales

Macron’s regime in disarray

Grasping global imperialism at the root

Support the student mobilizations in Greece!

Ukraine’s ecosystems: the price for global food security


Dystopian Science Fiction: Bodies of Ideology  

Friday day four UNISON 2022 conference – the final round

Unison Conference 2022 day three – rule changes 

UNISON conference 2022: day two

Ecuador: Indigenous leader released after mass protests

UNISON Conference 2022 day one – right triumphant


Support Our Railworkers and Ignore Tory Propaganda

Setback for Macron in ‘third round’ of French elections

Planes, trains and a cost of living crisis

It’s their democracy, not ours, but we must defend it

Greenwashed Silvertown tunnel pollutes, trashes the climate, and steamrollers democracy

Cold War 2.0: Trauma and Nostalgia

The Conquest of Ukraine and the History of Russian Imperialism

We need a Green, Purple, and Red New Deal to combat this economic crisis

Inside The Military‑Entertainment Complex

Unafraid to Be Called a “National Traitor”

Russia is kaputt

Against “Economic Surgery”: The Resurgence of Protest in Iran 

The future of work 1 – remote working

With the resistance of the Ukrainian people for its victory against the aggression

Big Dog Bleeding Badly

The History Fix

Reform or revolution: The strengths and setbacks of the 1989 Pro‑Democracy Movement

In a Broken Society, Who Supports the *Not‑War?

Republicans Are Responsible for the Massacre of Children

Stuff the Jubilee

‘The Russian empire is failing in its own way’

To Understand Elon Musk, You Have to Understand This ’60s Sci‑Fi Novel

Serious Disruption Prevention Orders are the start of a new chapter of repressive police surveillance

The Forgotten History of Ukrainian Independence

Gone Rogue: The Left and Ukraine

This Is England 2022

As Tories reassert anti‑strike law threat, unions must resist 

The Ukraine War Will End, But How?

Sunak’s Cost of Living announcement: progressive changes but no long‑term solutions

The Tories’ Public Order Bill will criminalise legitimate protest – John McDonnell MP

Labour wins Barnet – will there be change?

Who do the police protect?


Psychoanalysis practised as a form of resistance under occupation

Australia turns centre‑left – with feminist characteristics

Revolutionary defeatism, yesterday and today

Russia: a new wave of anti‑war protest

Don’t extradite Julian Assange

The Labour Briefing we remember

How the Russian Public Sees Events in Ukraine Today

Jake Daniels professional footballer and gay

Mass Protest Is Rising — Can It Confront Global Capitalism?

The State Organises the Capitalist Class. The Working Class Will Have to Organise Itself.

For a People’s History of Psychoanalysis’

Bans off our Bodies Protest

Crypto unTethered

When Netflix Started Making Television, Television Got Worse

Why So Many Russians Believe Propaganda

Migration, homesickness and the Arab Street

Two enemies, one fight: climate disaster and frightful energy bills

Is This the Beginning of the End for Crypto?

Can Mélenchon’s left coalition defeat Macron in June?

Starbucks’ Lies Won’t Break the Union

Report: International conference of European Solidarity with Ukraine

On Being a Marxist Psychoanalyst (and a Psychoanalytic Marxist)

Next steps to regain abortion rights

The Justice Train from Bucha

The Gig Economy’s Corporate Crime Problem

Anti‑Work: From “I Quit” to “We Revolt”

Big Pharma’s Pandemic Profiteering Isn’t Over

Ukrainian Feminists under Western Eyes

Former Labour Councillor Jo Bird Joins Green Party

Cultural destruction – why it matters

Five things we have learnt from the local election results

Psychologising Picard

Wasted Labour

Jane Collective

Lockdown and Political Repression in China

Transnistria and Moldova: a lesson in Russian power play

Against Price Increases and Oligarchs – A New Protest Movement in Albania

A Tremendous Resistance: Feminists in Russia against the War and Patriarchy

After the fire: Fallen flowers

The tragedy of Puerto Rico

The Tottering Unionist Colossus in Ireland

On the Frontier of Whiteness? Expropriation, War, and Social Reproduction in Ukraine

The war on workers?

Government passes Health and Care Bill: KONP Statement

Will Musk Make Twitter More Free?

The Death of Neoliberalism Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The IPCC WG3 Report: It’s ‘now or never’ for the planet

Sotsіalniy Rukh needs financial aid

Female Face of Russian Anti‑war Movement: Why Women Protest?

Local elections: Looking for an alternative

Ukraine, Global War Economy, and the Crisis of Capitalism

Inside Putin’s Russia

A Trans* Guide to Cis Solidarity: Beyond Oppression

From Managed Democracy to Fascism

Working Alone

Against Putin’s War in Ukraine

‘Add Personal Story Here’: Starbucks Anti‑Union One‑on‑Ones Fall Flat 

Extinction Rebellion Trade Unionists‑ a timely initiative

Russia’s Bucha ‘Facts’ Versus the Evidence

Audiences as performers – Lubaina Himid

How Russia’s Ukraine War and the West’s Response to it Accelerate Environmental Havoc

No perfect Lenin: Review of ‘Revolutionary Collective’

Standing up for education – NEU Conference 2022 report

Open letter to universities to divest for Palestine

Post Office Workers Are All Out on May 3

Refugees in Rwanda: Tory racism goes into overdrive


Once More: Should socialists support or oppose NATO arms to Ukraine?

Anti‑Psychiatry now

Day one at the NEU conference

IPCC WG3 report: from scientific rigour to social fable

Back On The Streets‑ The return of XR

Climate change and wars

French elections – left eliminated from first round…again.

Ukraine and the Left

Can the God of global fascists and Nazis “de‑Nazify” a country?

Against Russian Imperialism

NATO, Explained

For Arms Manufacturers, the War in Ukraine Is a Profits Bonanza

The bankruptcy of a one‑sided “anti‑imperialism”

Putin is not only waging war on Ukraine, he is also destroying Russian society

The ABC of national liberation movements: A political guide

Unions Stand with Ukraine

Red Clinic: Strikes Manchester

French Presidential Election – Left divided and on back foot

Towards a Theory of Modern Disaster Capitalism: Part III

Ukraine: The return of Francis Fukuyama

China FAQ 常见中国问题解答系列 – Is China a capitalist country? 中国是资本主义国家吗?

Ukraine and anti‑imperialism — Gilbert Achcar and Alex Callinicos debate

From Israel to Russia, occupiers are remaking the world order

An embarrassing war: what to do when Russia attacks Ukraine but you are left‑wing?

From Cold War to Hot Peace

French trade unions plan workers’ convoy to Ukraine

March for Ukraine

End the addiction to fossil fuel‑ support the Ukrainian resistance

Reflect Upon your Woke Sky

Ukraine: the sources of danger of a wider war

Girl Q – victim of racism and sexism

Xi, Please Ask Putin to Withdraw His Troops

Six FAQs on Anti‑Imperialism Today and the War in Ukraine


Ecosocialist Alliance Statement – Ukraine/Climate Emergency

“Global Britain ”, “AUKUS”, etc. Anglosphere supremacism and the promised wars in the China Sea

How can the climate movement and the anti‑war movement come together?

NATO, imperialism and the war

Refugees need solidarity, not a hostile environment

Lesser‑spotted Comrades: Inessa Armand

Why is there no right to social care?

Waltham Forest women organise against violence against all women and girls

Engaging Federici on Marx, Capitalism, and Social Reproduction

bell hooks — Fiery Black Feminist

In Honour of International Women’s Day: In the Words of Our Founding Mothers

8 March of struggle for women’s lives and for equality in the production of life!

Images of Resistance

The “Big Pink Elephant in the Room”

Events for International Women’s Day

Russia’s feminists are in the streets protesting Putin’s war

Russian White Guards in the Donbass

Happy international women’s week

The Historical Background to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russian troops out of Ukraine

How Europe Learned to Use Central Banks as a Weapon

Putin’s international friends

Beyond the TERF Wars

Impacts of warming: faster and more severe than expected, says IPCC

A memorandum on the radical anti‑imperialist position regarding the war in Ukraine

An echo from the past

Sanctions, a question of who, where and when

On appearing to be on the same side as one’s own imperialism

Stop Pretending the Left Is on Putin’s Side

Ordinary Russians don’t want this war

Putin’s war in Ukraine: In Saddam Hussein’s footsteps

Stop Putin’s Aggression Immediately!

“Age of Awakening”: A Comparison of Chen Duxiu and Mao Zedong Thought

Hands off Ukraine

COVID: Johnson pretends the pandemic is over

Russian imperialism makes power grab against Ukraine

The Communist Manifesto Shows Why Capitalism Won’t Last Forever

Banning Golden Dawn Hasn’t Stopped Greece’s Slide to the Far Right

“We are in a worse situation than during the Cold War”

Losing your home, losing yourself

Labour’s law and order crusade

Inside the Kazakhstan revolt

Post Office and Fujitsu bosses attack on subpostmasters/mistresses

Questioning the Whiteness of Western Art

From union to workers’ council – J.T. Murphy’s rank and file strategy for revolution

Neil Faulkner: Charismatic Revolutionary

Ecosocialist organising

NATO and imperial domination

Uneven and combined ecological‑economic development

How the Assad regime feigns ‘secularism’ while strengthening conservatism

Myths About the Russo – Ukraine Crisis

Capitalism’s Mind Games and Worse

Cost of living crisis – their lies, our reality

What will happen after Omicron?

Desire International – Russian LGBTQ Art at Pushkin House

Neil Faulkner: obituary

Tribute to Neil Faulkner


Neil Faulkner

The Ottomans, 500 years of change

Against NATO and Russian military escalation in Eastern Europe

London Protest calls for hands off Ukraine

Labour Party racism in Manchester


Portuguese elections – ‘Socialist’ Party wins but defeat for left


The rulers of the great powers are playing with fire

An Orwellian City Soon Joining an Orwellian State

Stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

A city in fear

Fascist ideas on the rise in Italy

Bloody Sunday – 50 years of British injustice in Ireland

Truss vs Sunak, the tale of the tape

My favourite films during Covid in 2021

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This book offers critical Marxist thinking about the nature of the crisis and what must be done to turn mass protest into the revolutionary transformation on which our survival depends.

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Anthony Hopkins and Oliva Coleman excel in The Father, (2020) a film about dementia

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My Cultural Highlights

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